You might need some help nailing down the details, but does this expense fit into your budget?
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There's a reason why everyone says that planning a wedding is like a full-time job-it's hard, time-consuming work. Of course, it's totally worth it at the end of the day, but after weeks and months of making one decision after another, you might be thinking just how luxurious it sounds to leave any additional planning up to someone else. Which begs the question: Should you consider hiring a honeymoon planner? If you're still on the fence as to whether or not you should DIY your post-nuptial trip, here are some pros and cons that might help decide.

Pro: They've done this a million times.

While you might have planned some trips in the past, this is probably your first honeymoon. Your travel agent, on the other hand, is a vet at planning this very type of a getaway. "Honeymoon planners have the knowledge and expertise beyond what the general public can find online," explains Megan Velez of Destination Weddings Group. "They know certain destinations and properties like the back of their hand as well as where all of the best restaurants, clubs, and sightseeing spots are."

Con: It's one more thing to add to the budget.

Just like your wedding planner charges for his or her time, energy, and resources, so too will your average honeymoon planner. If you're dealing with a particularly tight budget, you may want to avoid added fees and plan your trip yourself. However, Ben Messenger, travel consultant and owner of Messenger Travel, points out that thanks to their contacts with properties, planners and agents generally get preferential rates so their fee does not significantly affect the final price.

Pro: They tailor the trip to your interests.

"There are so many incredible hotels, but my job is to provide options that are the right fit for my client," says Stockton. "I spend time learning about my honeymoon couples so I can offer personalized suggestions and help them compare and contrast the facts of different destinations and resorts." She takes into consideration everything from a couple's hobbies and interests to their style and travel history to plan a trip that's right for them. "Every couple is different and my honeymoon itineraries reflect that," she adds.

Con: Many won't work with rental sites like AirBnB.

Because of liability and vetting standards, many agents refuse to work with home rental sites, explains Alexandra Stockton, a luxury travel designer and affiliate of Smart Flyer a Virtuoso Agency. "You'll want to find an agent who works with a variety of brands," she adds. "If you are working with an agent who only works with one hotel brand, it's hard to know if you are getting the best recommendations for your personal preferences."

Pro: You save serious time.

By now you've probably realize how time-consuming planning such a big event, like your wedding, can be. If you don't want to set aside another few weeks or months to focus on planning your honeymoon, then working with a pro is worth it. "With the million and one things you have to do before your wedding day, a honeymoon specialist will take a huge item off your to-do list," says Teresa Belcher, travel agent and founder of Honeymoon Islands, Inc.

Con: It takes time to find the right planner.

As much as planning a honeymoon takes time, so does the hunt for the right honeymoon planner. "You'll want to make sure you do your due diligence by reading reviews and making sure they are the right fit to find you the perfect honeymoon package," says Velez. "This concern, of course, can be eliminated if you make sure to prioritize your honeymoon along with your other to dos at the beginning of your planning."

Pro: They might score you extra.

Because of the personal relationships, experienced travel planners have established with global hoteliers, and their clients often are treated to complimentary breakfast, food and beverage credits, or priority upgrades, explains Belcher. Additionally, many couples don't realize that a large amount of travel agents don't charge a fee for their travel planning services. "Travel agents are compensated by the resorts and destinations they are booking for their clients, so this usually doesn't affect the cost for the client," explains Stockton. "Many times couples are going to pay the same if they purchase the trip themselves, so why not have a professional assist you?"


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