Turns out, there are some serious benefits to tying the knot in the warm weather.
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There's a good reason why June is one of the most popular months of the year to get married-it's the kickoff to summer, which just so happens to be most people's favorite season. The weather tends to be warmer and sunnier, people tend to have less demanding work lives, and kids and teachers are out of school, making travel a whole lot easier. If you're in the early phases of selecting your wedding date, you're probably already considering a weekend in June, July, or August. To help guide you, we asked two wedding planners to share the pros to throwing a summertime celebration.

People are more open to travel.

In the dead of winter, with snow storms looming, people are less inclined to take a flight or a long drive to attend a wedding. But most people factor summer wedding travel into their vacation plans. "People like an excuse to get away, especially during the summer months, and they usually have more vacation days left versus having your wedding in the winter when they might have already taken all of their time off," says Jessica Janik of The Invisible Bridesmaid in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. "Plus, if any of your relatives or friends have kids, they are off school for summer, so they don't have to worry about a babysitter."

Everyone looks and feels their best in summer.

With a little added vitamin D from the summer sunshine, your wedding guests will undoubtedly feel more refreshed than they would in the winter. "Sunlight is known to increase happiness and who doesn't want an extra dose of happiness during their wedding?" adds Janik.

You have more flowers to choose from.

If you have your heart set on a specific type of wedding flower, a summertime date gives you the best chance of getting it at an afford price. "Many of the most popular fruits, vegetables, and flowers are grown during the summer months and are at their highest quality," says Suzanne Reinhard, wedding planner and owner of Suzanne Reinhard Events in Atlanta, Georgia. "If hosting a wedding that's focused on 'local and sustainability' is important to you, a summer date is a good idea."

More sunshine to light your wedding photos.

The added hours of daylight and warm temperatures that accompany the months of May through September can be a key factor in selecting a wedding date, says Reinhard. Also, the comfortable summer weather can bring a lower chance of perception in my parts of the country. "The drier weather encourages brides and grooms to plan outside ceremony and receptions knowing the odds of blue skies and lower chances of rain are in their favors."

You might save some money.

This is an incentive for any bride- and groom-to-be! Although few people realize, there are actually a few opportunities for cost savings when you host a summer wedding. "Due to the warm weather, a lighter menu is more seasonally appropriate than a heavy meal with overabundance of food," says Reinhard. "If you plan on getting married in a southern state, a late summer wedding can be a good time to look for discounts, since July and August are often slower wedding months in states like Georgia, Alabama, and South Carolina due the extreme heat."


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