3 Clever Alternatives to the Classic Ring Bearer Pillow

Nothing produces bigger smiles at a wedding ceremony than watching the youngest attendants walk down the aisle. From the overzealous flower girl to the reluctant ring bearer, children create personal moments and lasting memories. But just because you're showcasing a longstanding wedding tradition doesn't mean you're limited to the usual poufy pillow. Add a personal touch by giving the littlest man in your life something a little more meaningful to carry. Consider one of these ideas by New York City event designer and Martha Stewart Weddings contributor David Stark.

Ring Bearer Alternative - Music Box vs 2

The Music Box Memento

We love using something completely unconventional to hold wedding rings. Here we took a beautiful music box made from an antique makeup compact as the base. Inside, we added a little velvet pillow to keep the rings nestled safely during their journey from the aisle to your fingers. This sweet little box will become a treasured keepsake for years to come, holding precious valuables and treasured memories.

Petra Bindel

A Literary Keepsake

Another unique way to carry the rings is binding them to a beautiful book. You can choose a longstanding family heirloom or a brand new book that will become a cherished souvenir in the years to come. The bible, a favorite book of love poems, or even a small book that includes your handwritten vows are all perfect for this. Easily create a sewn canvas cover that can be customized, either with a monogram, flowers, or any other personalized detail. Then, thread and knot your rings onto a ribbon, binding the book closed for the ceremony.


The Petal Pillow

There are never too many ways to incorporate flowers into your wedding. They're lovely, lush, and with so many varieties and shades available, completely fitting for every theme. As a traditional fabric pillow alternative, give your ring bearer a pillow made from lovely petals that complements the wedding party's bouquets.

To create this "pillow," we took a cardboard ring box in a floral fabric and secured it to a small dish with double-sided foam tape. Then, we lined the dish with flower foam and arranged begonias and a variety of flowers to fill the empty space. Then, we hot-glued a ribbon to the top of the box and tied the precious rings in place. The best part: The "pillow" can even be used later to decorate!

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