One person's treasure may be another person's, well, eyesore. Kathryn, for example, loved everything about her son's lakeside venue except the animal trophies hanging on the walls. Here, we respond to her question about how to work around problem items when sprucing up for the big day.
Overhead View of Guests Eating at Reception Tables

Q: My son is getting married at a lakeside lodge that's gorgeous, except for the deer heads hanging on the walls. The bride hates them, but management won't let us remove them. Do you have any creative ideas for covering up taxidermy?

A: It's true that not everyone loves animal trophies, but we're hard-pressed to find anyone on staff who advocates hiding them. You could ask the venue if you can construct faux walls in front to obscure them, but that's going to be tricky and expensive. Instead, try consulting a lighting designer-they're genius when it comes to utilizing spotlights to camouflage what you don't want to see and showcase what you do, and it's a lot easier to enhance a venue's charms than it is to give it a total makeover. "Create a point of interest, whether it's an elaborate dessert table or a big central floral arrangement on your escort-card table," says assistant stylist Erin Furey. "Spotlight it, and that's what people will remember."


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