What can we say? The four-year-old has really good taste.
Credit: Courtesy of Beyonce.com

We have been #blessed by Blue Ivy's presence on this earth for four years, and now we're getting an inside look at her fairy-themed birthday party. Beyoncé and Jay Z obviously pulled out all of the stops for their only daughter: They put together a whimsical and enchanting party under a tent, creating a magical fairy garden for Blue's special day back in January. Yes, we know it's a four-year-old's birthday party, but come on, this could totally inspire your bridal shower, too!

Credit: Courtesy of Beyonce.com

Fun colors, chic lounge areas, pretty hanging décor; the party is practically begging to be re-created as a bridal shower.

Credit: Courtesy of Beyonce.com

Red, pink, and yellow roses hung from the ceiling, along with lush greenery and large paper flowers, transforming the space into an enchanted garden. Teepees sat on top of the coziest looking rugs, and don't even get us started on the lounge areas. Mix-and-match couches, ottomans, and vintage chairs held boho-inspired pillows and throw blankets. Can't you just see you and your girls sipping cocktails here?

Credit: Courtesy of Beyonce.com

Pink, red, and orange striped tablecloths dressed up the party table, and a lush floral garland was draped down the center. Even the chairs had fairy wings (how bad do you want to be one of Blue Ivy's friends right now?). And while you don't have to give your girls fairy wings, you could adorn the back of your chairs with a cute throw blanket or a gift bag. Voila! The perfect set up for a #flawless bridal shower.


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