Create a delicious and refreshing sip your guests will love drinking this season.

Whether you're having an open bar or just a selection of libations at your wedding, signature drinks bring personality to any cocktail hour. But choosing a tasty beverage that represents your wedding, satisfies your guests, and suits the season is no easy feat. Here, mixologist Lindsay LaFoy, owner of Miss Mixology, shares her advice for creating the ultimate springtime cocktail. Help your wedding guests embrace the season with every sip they take.

Stock the bar with light liquors.

Guests don't crave dark, warming liquors like scotch or whiskey during the spring. Instead, the temperate weather calls for light and refreshing options. Every springtime wedding's bar should be stocked with the basics: vodka, rum, and gin. Add other types of alcohol, like tequila and bourbon, based on personal preference. These must-have liquors will serve as the base for a wide variety of seasonally appropriate cocktails, our expert says.

Use fresh fruit and herbs.

According to LaFoy, fresh fruit, herbs, and juices can transform a regular cocktail into something inviting and unique. She recommends using in-season produce-like strawberries, lemons, cherries, and grapefruit-in signature libations for your big day. As an added bonus, these fruity flavors pair nicely with vodka, rum, and other light liquors. Some of LaFoy's drink recommendations include strawberry lemonade (vodka, strawberry puree, and freshly squeezed lemonade served on the rocks with strawberry chunks and mint garnish) and white peach sangria (chardonnay, peach vodka, peach-flavored simple syrup, and peach juice garnished with peach slices, mint leaves, and an orange quarter).

Spruce up the classics.

A bride and groom can alter their favorite cocktails to better suit the spring season. For example, LaFoy says that mojitos (made with white rum, simple syrup, lime juice, mint, and seltzer) are one of the most popular spring cocktails, but couples don't need to stick with the classic recipe. "You can exchange the regular simple syrup for a blackberry simple syrup and garnish with fresh blackberries for a blackberry mojito," she says. Think of the flavors you love and then find a way to tweak a classic.

Incorporate crisp wines.

"Signature drinks can also be made with wine," swears LaFoy. "The most popular types of wine for a spring wedding are definitely those of light and crisp flavors, like a riesling, sauvignon blanc, or chardonnay." These light-bodied vinos lend themselves well to a wide variety of cocktails. A bride and groom can consider serving a mixture of vodka, infused water, and sweet sparkling wine. LaFoy also recommends a "crowd favorite": strawberries, lemon, and mint-infused water with vodka and a sweet fizz. "Not only is it beautiful to look at, but it will keep your guests hydrated and happy," she says. Sangria is also a welcome addition to any springtime celebration.

Keep it simple.

"When you are creating a cocktail menu for a spring wedding, the best advice is to not overthink," says LaFoy. During this time of year, guests are savoring the arrival of warm weather and outdoor living, so it's best to maintain this simple mindset with signature drinks. Now let your guests bask in the great outdoors with a fizzy, fruity, and fresh drink in hand!


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