You already know that confetti comes in lots of different shapes and sizes. But did you know that you can use it to spell words? That it can be made out of your photos? That some types are edible? Even biodegradable? Check out this list of our all-time favorite tosses:

Ecofetti in hot pink, Ecoparti

Butterfly- and heart-shaped Confetti to Grow! in red and salmon, The Favor Garden

Photofetti (starter package, 450 photofetti pieces, 1,200 accent pieces),

Tissue hearts, squares, and circles, Teacher Heaven

Triangle, Xs and Os, and "Just Married" confetti: triangles (z9943-p), X's and O's (z7859-P), and "Just Married" in gold (z7847-P), Party Confetti,

Standard 18-inch sleeve silver metallic confetti, 3/4-by-2-inch flameproof metallic confetti sleeve in gold, tissue slow-fall fluttering confetti in purple, red, and cerise,, 888-843-1656

MultiShape Festive Bubbles (CCL9620),

2-inch silver die-cut circle confetti,, 888-843-1656

Specialty die-cut confetti, bell, moon, and circle shapes in metallic blue, purple, and orange; circle in tissue hot pink and orange; and Day-Glo rectangle confetti; Artistry In Motion; 818-994-7388

20-millimeter paillette in metallic orange (M20p22), metallic turquoise (M20p10), and metallic orchid (M20p05), Cartwright's Sequins


Confetti Launchers

Congrats! You've passed Confetti 101. Launchers are up next (they're the great little gadgets you'll be using to blast up in the air whichever confetti you choose). Get ready -- they're super-fun to play with!

From left:

12-inch Paper Confetti Popper Compressed Air (CS230/CT30), The Confetti Store

20-inch Paper Confetti Popper Compressed Air (CS250), The Confetti Store

Confetti Fountain, Tops Malibu

Kabuki 32-inch Celebration Launcher and 16 gram CO2 cartridges,, 888-843-1656

14-inch FireCrackler Confetti Poppers (14FC-101), Parti Line,

Champagne Bottle Confetti Cannon,, 888-843-1656

10-inch Push Button Wedding Popper Compressed Air (CSW25), The Confetti Store

18-inch Airless Confetti Launcher filled with Metallic Streamers, Parti Line,

Confetti Flick Stick,


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