If you're in the midst of planning your wedding, by this time next year you'll most likely be married. Start off a fresh year with resolutions that will make the months before your wedding more a flurry of excitement than a whirlwind of stress.
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1. I will enjoy being engaged.

When planning gets overwhelming, it's easy to forget how special it is to be engaged. If you feel bogged down in details and family drama, rekindle your romance with fun winter dates. Don't forget to admire your ring, and praise your fiancé for being fabulous.

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2. I will not lust after other people's wedding budgets.

Sometimes it feels like all you need to pull off the perfect wedding is a bigger budget. But all the money in the world has nothing on the love and camaraderie that really make a celebration spectacular. Focus on all the great stuff you can afford, and on making your wedding unique to you.

3. I will treat my mind and body well.

Of course you want to look amazing walking down that aisle, but be smart and healthy about how you achieve that goal. A severe diet plus militant workout schedule are more likely to put you on edge than leave you radiant on your wedding day.

4. I won't feel guilty (or uptight!) for wanting a traditional black-tie wedding.

Easy breezy outdoor weddings, DIY everything, mason jars and chalkboard signage and super creative save-the-dates … undeniably cool, but not your thing? No problem! Traditional is not the same as stuffy. Even very elegant affairs can have flair, and being crafty is not a prerequisite for a gorgeous party.

5. I will let go… a little.

You can't make everyone happy, so stop feeling guilty about decisions that don't agree with everyone. Expect excellence from your vendors and loving support from your family and friends, but let go of the notion of perfection…no matter how organized you are, everything will not go to plan. Be ready to give people, including yourself, a break!

6. I will buckle down and figure out my guest list.

It's not easy, but it has to be done. So much hinges on the length and breadth of the list, from venue and vibe to how far your budget will go. Once it's sorted, you'll be relieved to be past the conflicts it can create, and happy to move on to more pleasant tasks… like tasting cakes!

7. I will have my cake and eat it too.

Speaking of cake, make sure you take the time to experience all the things you've so carefully selected for your guests. Eat, drink, and be merry! Depending on the size of your wedding, you may not be able to greet everyone individually…it's ok, no one expects you to spend the whole time hosting!

8. I won't be Bridezilla… or a doormat.

Even the most laid-back brides can turn a little beastly when the pressure is on. Be flexible, but give in too much, and you could start to get resentful. Listen to others, but listen also to your heart. Have defusing tactics in mind to help you keep your cool if things get heated.


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