If anyone would know the hottest trends, it would be Pinterest, right?
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Pinterest's 2016's best wedding trends prove that there's no wrong way to plan a wedding-it's your day your way. And we'd have to agree! Want to throw sparkling confetti instead of traditional rice at the recessional? Go for it! Want to replace some of your registry picks for a honeymoon fund? Totally cool. Check out some of the best trends, as reported by Pinterest, here!

Couples want to remember moments with friends and family by being in the moment especially as they're saying their vows and promising "to have and to hold" each other for the rest of their lives. Pinterest searches for "unplugged ceremonies" have seen a 600% increase this year, and having guests put away their phones lets them experience the joy first hand rather than from behind a screen.

Mismatched bridesmaid dresses let your wedding party personalize their look. Plus, your 'maids will be grateful they can wear a dress they actually like! With mismatched bridesmaids dresses seeing a 50% search increase this year, we know this trend is here to stay.

Why We're Loving the Mismatched Bridesmaids Trend

Food trucks have seen a search increase by 30% this year, proving that couples are seeking more casual dining options to create a warm atmosphere and start comfortable conversations. With so many food truck options out there, there's a truck for every taste bud.

Tips for Having Food Trucks at Your Wedding

Honeymoon funds are replacing traditional fine china and kitchenware. With searches for honeymoon funds up 200% this year, it's safe to say asking your guests to help fund your trip of a lifetime is absolutely accepted these days. And let's face it, long-lasting memories are much more important than a salad bowl.

The Best New Honeymoon Hotspots

Bowls of confetti, glitter or popcorn create an exciting exit for the newlyweds, plus they can be much more environmentally friendly than traditional rice, especially if you use biodegradable varieties. Couples are truly invested in finding unique ways to recess, with "toss bars" seeing a 30% search increase this year alone.

Creative Exit Toss Ideas

Searches for circular ceremony seating has gone up 80% this year, and the awesome trend lets everyone sit together and lends for more mingling between guests. Watch your worlds collide as your college roommate takes her seat beside your childhood next-door neighbor. The feels are real!

How To Personalize Your Wedding Ceremony

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