If both moms are with the bride, should both dads be with the groom?

Everyone wants to be helpful on the wedding day, but the fathers of the bride and groom-and any stepdads or other father figures-may find themselves stumped over what to do before the ceremony. If the moms are with the bride, should the dads be with the groom, or should they be helping out in other ways? Rather than having them spend the morning wondering where to go and what to do, it's important to create a plan for the dads in advance. Here's a look at what each father's agenda might include.

Check in with the bride.

If there's time for the bride and her dad to take a short walk or to have coffee together in the morning, taking a half hour can be a loving way to start the day. If not, dad should take a moment to call and check in, wishing the bride well for the day and making sure she feels like everything is on track.

Catch up with family and friends.

As happens with many weddings, family and friends will likely be traveling in from all over to attend. The day of the wedding can often be a good day for Dad to have breakfast or lunch with family he hasn't seen in a while. He's a good point person for relatives, too. If any aunts, uncles, cousins, or grandparents have questions, make sure the fathers of the bride and groom are available to answer them.

Be prepared to handle last-minute duties.

Anything dads can do to lighten the load on the wedding day will be so appreciated by the couple. Whether it's running last-minute errands, picking up guests from the airport, or completing a DIY project that didn't get finished in time, this is usually Dad's time to swoop in and save the day.

Get ready with the guys.

Depending what the groom and groomsmen are planning for the morning of the wedding, they may invite the dads along for breakfast or lunch and whatever activity is on the agenda. While the father of the groom often gets ready with this group, the father of the bride may do the same or opt to get ready in the same hotel as the bride so he can meet her when she's ready to head to the ceremony.

Have a first look with the bride.

Wedding planner Tzo Ai Ang of Ang Weddings and Events says, "I love when we do a first look with the bride and her dad, it can be such a sweet moment." As the father of the bride often escorts the bride to the ceremony, it's nice to turn this moment into a photo opportunity.

Escort the bride to the ceremony.

If the father of the bride plans to walk her down the aisle, he should also ride with her to the ceremony. This is a celebratory moment, and Mom may want to join in, too.

Review your toast.

Hopefully the dads have written their toasts prior to the wedding day, but it's not a bad idea to spend a few moments reviewing the key points and making sure he'll be ready for it when the time comes.


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