Keep the guests, the bride, and yourself happy.

Newsflash: Planning a bachelorette party is stressful! But you've probably already figured that part out on your own. In truth, planning any kind of party can bring on the stress; but when you're planning a bachelorette, there are usually a lot of opinions being thrown around and you may have to come up with the plan that works best for everyone. Pleasing a large group of ladies may be tricky, but it's totally doable if you avoid these major triggers.

Blowing the budget.

Going over budget is the number one way to upset a whole crew of bachelorette party attendees. The best way to avoid budget trouble is to be really clear in communicating upfront and to find out what everyone's willing to pitch in. If you determine what everyone is willing to spend before you start making plans, it will be easier to come up with a scenario that works for everyone.

Budget can be a bit harder to keep to a minimum when you get into planning a destination bachelorette, so anything you can do to outline all estimated costs in advance is really helpful for attendees. Start an itinerary and be sure to include estimates for airfare, hotels, excursions, and all meals. A lot of bachelorette party crews end up booking all-inclusive resorts in an effort to minimize cost, so you might take that option into consideration as well.

Overscheduling the weekend.

While the bride may be an adventure junkie who loves to have every second action-packed, it's unlikely that all of the guests will be that way. There's no reason to schedule something every second of the day, as downtime spent with girlfriends is likely what eveyone is looking forward to. Since you'll be rolling with a whole crew of ladies, there will probably be some waiting around for people who are running late or are still getting ready. Being flexible and having a flexible schedule should all be considered when planning out each day's agenda.

Overextending the guest list.

The bride is usually the person coming up with the guest list, but you may need to step in if the list is getting really long or if there are a lot of guests who can't make a specific date work. If you're planning a getaway, it's unlikely that all will attend, but if you're keeping it local you may want to keep the guest count low depending on what your venue can accommodate.

Planning too many surprises.

If the bride you're celebrating loves surprises, go with it! Surprises can be such a fun way to show your love for the main gal. Use a little discretion though. Guests hate surprises that they end up having to pitch in for later, so definitely let them know ahead of time if you've planned something like that. If you're planning a surprise lingerie shower and any of the bride's family will be in attendance, there's a good chance she could be embarrassed by this, so it would be very considerate to ask her beforehand if she's comfortable with the idea.

Communicating poorly.

One of the biggest frustrations of attending a bachelorette party is having absolutely no idea what's on the agenda, what it's going to cost, and when/where everything is happening. The best way to kick this party off is by communicating clearly from the start of the planning through to the main event. Most bachelorette planners rely on group emails for info sharing and that's typically far preferred over that much-dreaded mass text. It's also good to keep in mind that over communication is just as bad as under communication, so be selective in your approach to getting info out. Also, don't forget to be upbeat in your emails or texts-it's a celebration after all!


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