Sometimes a girl needs a little help.
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While many women love planning every aspect of their wedding, there are also plenty of brides who need help getting it all done. That's where a pro can come in handy. A wedding or event planner can steer a bride to the right vendors, help her create and stay on budget, and oversee the million other details that go into producing a wedding. If you can say, "That's me!" after reading the descriptions below, you may benefit from the services of a wedding expert.

The Time-Challenged Bride

Free time? Not for this bride, who's always slammed at work (meaning, there's not a moment to scroll Pinterest during the day); at night, she's going to school or studying. As much as she'd like to do everything herself, she realizes she needs someone to take the reins and be the planning mastermind.

The Not Detail-Oriented Bride

She's superexcited about booking the most popular event space in town for the reception, but loses her spot when she forgets to put in a deposit in time to hold the date. This bride needs someone who's organized, can keep track of the details, and, if necessary, send reminders about deposits and other crucial things.

The Destination Wedding Bride

Planning a ceremony and reception half a world away is tough for someone to do on their own. She needs a point person at the site (or a planner who's not local but is very familiar with the hotel or resort) to recommend vendors, keep track of everything, and give advice on any legal requirements.

The Out-of-Town Bride

She lives in New York but wants to get married where she grew up in Tennessee, and can't be there every weekend to do wedding chores. Like the Destination Wedding Bride, this out-of-towner needs the eyes and ears of someone local to help scour sites and recommend florists and photographers so that the bride's infrequent visits are efficient.

The I-Have-a-Domineering-Mother Bride

Sometimes a wedding planner plays the role of mediator if the bride clashes with her mom over everything from the hors d'oeuvres to the flowers in the ladies' room. A planner can keep the peace in tense situations.

The Procrastinating Bride

Though she knows there are many things to take care of for the wedding, she keeps putting them off. It's not that she's ambivalent about marrying her guy (she really wants to!) but something else always takes precedent-a tennis date with her sister instead of interviewing florists, a weekend away with him instead of dress shopping. A wedding planner will nudge her to follow through with her to-do list.

The Disinterested Bride

She can't see herself spending time sorting through pages of invitations or photographers' sample wedding books. She's like some guys-show her three venues, three invites, and three centerpieces and she'll choose the one she likes best. A wedding planner will listen to what the bride's vision of her wedding day is and do the legwork.

The Big Wedding Bride

If the bride gets frazzled planning a birthday party for 40 people, imagine how it will be for her to plan a wedding for 200. An experienced planner can handle a wedding with large numbers with ease.


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