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Wedding Ceremony Petal Bar with Sign, Bags of Flower Petals
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Never underestimate the power of small details. Case in point? The wedding petal toss. Sure, this tradition, during which guests shower the newlywed bride and groom with flower petals on their way out of the ceremony, has been around for ages, but it's been upgraded and modernized for contemporary weddings. Instead of just flower petals, couples are inviting guests to toss birdseed, dried herbs, confetti, or even blow bubbles in lieu of traditional petals. The result is a celebratory, photo-worthy exit you and your guests won't soon forget.

But some couples still love the idea of exiting their ceremony in the exact same way their parents and grandparents did: In a shower of petals. The good news is you can still make this long-standing tradition feel fresh. Rather than supplying a bundle of blooms at each ceremony seat, consider setting up a wedding petal bar at your ceremony entrance. Whether you go to the interactive route (with build-your-own arrangements for guests) or display color-coordinated packages of petals, giving guests the choice to take part in this tradition feels a little more meaningful.

Even better, wedding petal bars are totally gorgeous. Whether you choose a vintage dresser or brassy bar cart, there are tons of inventive and beautiful ways to set one up. Here, ten of our favorites to help inspire your own.

How pretty is this incredible display? If you're not interested in letting guests pick their own array of petals, package up your preferred bloom choice in matching bags and arrange them on a table for guests to grab and go. Just because they're not picking the petals themselves doesn't mean you can't give everyone some options, though. If you love the look of an all-white petal toss, pack up different type of white blooms. Then, guests can decide if they want to shower you with rose petals or hydrangea buds.

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Petal Cart

Wedding Flower Petal Bar, Flower Petals in Brass Cart
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Here's an idea we love: Have guests grab little cones of petals from a roving cart. Whether you have an attendant pass them around during pre-ceremony cocktails or ask your (older) flower girl to push the cart along the aisle before your entrance, making it interactive is a great way to ensure everyone gets involved.

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Build Your Own Petal Bar

Wedding Flower Petal Bar, Vintage Dresser
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If you love the idea of everyone choosing which petals they toss, set up baskets of different varities of blooms on a table or vintage dresser, seen here, and provide bags or cones for guests to fill. Your photos will be colorful and lively, and you'll never forget exiting in a shower of unexpected flowers.

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Newspaper Print Petal Bar

Wedding Petal Bar, Vintage Paper Cones
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For a vintage-inspired celebration, you can't go wrong with these newspaper print cones filled with colorful flower petals. Set them up in wooden crates and encourage guests to grab a bundle on their way into the ceremony.

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Scoop Your Own Petal Bar

Wedding Flower Petal Bar, Baskets of Mixed Petals
Justine Ungaro

Set up a table covered with tons of different types of flower petals before your ceremony, then provide scoops for everyone to use to grab their favorite hues.

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Pastel Petal Bar

Wedding Flower Petal Bars, Cones with Mini Flowers
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Pre-arrange color-coordinated cones of flower petals for guests to easily grab on their way into the ceremony. It's mess-free and makes for an incredible display. Consider offering a few different color combos so guests can still have a choice even if they aren't building their own mix.

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All-White Petal Bar

Wedding Flower Petal Bar, White Bags of Petals
Ryan Ray

You're all about the monochromatic look, and that's totally alright. Have guests grab a bundle of all-white petals on their way into the ceremony and you'll ensure you exit in a picture-perfect cloud of blooms.

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Patterned Petal Bar

Wedding Flower Petal Bar, Build Your Own Petal Toss
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Want to add color to your day by way of your petal toss? Start with the bar itself. These colorful cones are fun and festive on their own, but look especially playful when paired with a ton of different hued petals.

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Personalized Petal Bar

Wedding Flower Petal Bar, Cones with Petals
Bret Cole Photography

Your petal bar doesn't have to be a "bar" at all. For a more casual affair, consider arranging baskets of flower petals, either loose or pre-packaged, for guests to grab before they take their seats.

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Card Catalog Petal Bar

Wedding Flower Petal Bar, Card Catalogue with Petals
Maria Lamb

Bibliophiles, take note: An antique card catalog makes for a perfect wedding petal bar. Fill each drawer with your favorite blooms and encourage guests to fill a cone—perhaps made from the pages of your favorite books—with petals of their choosing.

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