See how the model and actress fits Verlander's games into her busy schedule.
Credit: Kate Upton via Instagram

Kate Upton makes it a priority to always support her baseball player fiancé, Justin Verlander, even when she can't make it to his games. While working out in her living room, the model turned on the TV to watch the Houston Astros pitcher bring home a win.

Upton's trainer, Ben Bruno, posted a video of the workout on Instagram. After a few replays, we're still not sure if the model is more focused on her squats or her husband-to-be, as she appears to be doing an incredible job of each. "When you and @kateupton wanna watch @justinverlander pitch but it's leg day," her trainer wrote. It's not surprising to watch Upton so focused on her future husband; these two have a history of being one seriously adorable couple. "We're very open with one another and we're each other's best friends. He's definitely my best friend, so I think that helps a lot," Upton told E! News last year.

Upton and Verlander have been together for over four years and became engaged last May. After a slight delay-due, in part, to Verlander's busy MLB schedule-the couple officially began wedding planning this past spring. They haven't disclosed a timeline yet, but Upton does have a few details worked out. "We want a destination wedding, like we're taking our friends and families on a vacation and we're having a great time, and we just happen to get married," she told our Editor-in-Chief at a bridal fashion show in Barcelona.

Also high on her priority list? Lots and lots of dancing. "We have a family tradition-I guess it's a tradition now, since it happened twice-where everyone enters the reception dancing. Then you stop and have dinner, and then you back on the dance floor," she explained. There's still lot's left to do, though, before the duo can dance their wedding night away. "It's completely intimidating and overwhelming!" Upton said. "I wish I were the type of girl who always thought about my wedding, because it would have been so much easier. I would have just been done."


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