Throw the pre-wedding celebration of a lifetime.

If you're dealing with a serious case of wanderlust ahead of your honeymoon, why not celebrate your bridal shower at the special location you've always dreamed of? Yes, we understand that the idea of celebrating this momentous occasion away from home with all of your closest female family members and friends may seem impossible, but Alicia Fritz, wedding planner and owner of A Day in May Events, says this crazy dream can easily be made into a reality.

To find out how to plan a destination bridal shower with all your loved ones in tow, check out Fritz's helpful pointers and a few clever theme ideas.

Tailor your theme to your destination.

"We often see our clients coupling a niche or focused theme into bridal showers that match the destination traveled to," Fritz says. For example, if you're in Napa Valley for a long weekend, she suggests showering the bride with gifts focused on stocking the bar or the kitchen. But if your travels bring you to New York City, Fritz suggests a décor and styling theme in honor of the boundless art and creative outlets in the city.

Have shipping boxes on hand.

If guests are bringing physical gifts or buying them in your special locale, Fritz advises having shipping boxes and call tags all prepared for the bride. She also explains that it's equally helpful to schedule a UPS or FedEx pick up at the hotel so the bride doesn't have to lift a finger.

You can also celebrate your bachelorette party at your destination.

"Why not make one of your nights a bachelorette party?," Fritz suggests. You may as well take advantage of the great nightlife when you are all together, she advises.


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