The longtime couple is proof that maintaining a strong relationship doesn't have to be complicated.
Credit: Sarah Michelle Gellar via Instagram

When it comes to Hollywood relationships, Sarah Michelle Gellar and Freddie Prinze Jr. are an anomaly in a world of whirlwind marriages and breakups-but their blissful 16-year-marriage is proof that a celebrity love story absolutely can last. As for how the duo keeps their marriage strong after all these years? According to Us Weekly, Prinze Jr. and Gellars' keys to marital success revolve around two main practices: communication and respect.

In a joint interview, Gellar explained that communication, listening, and being present are all keys to making a marriage last, while Prinze Jr. added, "We still make each other laugh. And we treat each other with respect." These tenets, along with bonding over common interests like cooking for their family together, going on double dates, and prioritizing alone time, keep both stars feeling more in love than ever.

The duo-who first crossed paths while filming I Know What You Did Last Summer in 1997-have been inseparable since they began dating in 2000. "From the first time we kissed, I didn't go on another date-it was just Sarah," Prinze Jr. told the outlet.

Although their first kiss might have the turning point in the couple's early relationship, the actor knew he'd found a one-in-a-million woman while they were on their first date. He was blown away by Gellar's passion for and adventurous attitude towards food, one of his favorite things. "She ate everything, including a crab that they let walk across the counter, then kill while it was alive in some oil, and said, 'It's popcorn, try,'" the actor revealed in a 2016 Facebook live. "And she ate it without even blinking, and I was like, 'Yo, my girl is legit.'"


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