Meet the Bubble Bros, two friends who are serving Prosecco in the coolest way possible.
Bubble Bros Prosecco Van

If there's one thing every summer wedding needs, it's an abundance of refreshing drinks. And if you can serve them up in a fresh, new way? Well, that's even better. Enter: Bubble Bros. Founded by Joe Bruce and Ben Broad, this UK-based Prosecco van and bike company is changing the way couples serve bubbly on their big day. Simply put, the Bros and their team of bar staff arrive at events in either their three-wheeled van or their 1969 motorcycle and sidecar, then serve your guests perfectly-chilled Prosecco.

While wedding food trucks and carts have been big for years now, the Bubble Bros are offering their own unique take on the trend. Here, co-founder Joe Bruce talks all things bubbly-from how the Bros got their starts and the benefits of hiring a refreshment van for your big day to their top tips for serving Prosecco at your reception.

It all started with a festival.

When Bruce and Broad dreamed up their Prosecco van, the original idea was sparked by the lack of quality bubbly at the UK's musical festival scene. "We decided to combine our three passions: Messing around with vintage vehicles, drinking sparkling wine, and attending festivals," Bruce says. "Bubble Bros was born. The weddings side of the business was a natural progression from the larger events; people looking for the festival spirit on a smaller scale."

Their servers are there to have fun.

Bruce says their team takes a fairly laid-back approach to serving sparkling wine, so if you're the type of couple that prefers your bar staff to be totally buttoned up, these may not be the guys for you. "That being said, we've been invited to attend some pretty formal events," he adds. "I guess that's a really roundabout way of saying 'we're for all kinds of weddings.'"

It's all about how it's cooled.

"Our sparkling wine is flash-cooled as it comes out of the taps on the bar, so there is no need to pre-chill dozens of bottles or worry about ice buckets," says Bruce. "This is a real bonus for a lot of people." That means each and every guest will get a perfectly chilled flute of the good stuff, and no one will be left sipping lukewarm Prosecco as they toast the happy couple.

They look pretty great, too.

Image your guests arriving at your reception to see one (or both) of these incredibly cool vehicles. "The last thing anyone expects to see as they rock up to your reception is a little Italian van or motorbike serving bubbly," says Bruce. "We often find that our vans and bikes become the focal point."

If you can't hire the Bubble Bros, heed their advice instead.

Since the Bros and their carts aren't available for most of you, Bruce is sharing his top tips for serving Prosecco at your reception. "Get it as cold as you can. The frostier the better," he advises. "A good, dry Prosecco should be served extra chilled. You should also offer your guests something sweet to add since some people don't like the dryness. A little fruit nectar can help."

Their favorite drink should be your signature cocktail.

As a signature drink for a summer wedding, Bruce says you can do no better than a classic Bellini. "Prosecco, white Italian peach nectar, and ice. It doesn't really get much better than that."


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