The musicians played a very special role in this couple's proposal.

By Shira Savada
August 23, 2018
Ed Sheeran via Instagram

Planning an elaborate proposal can be hard work. But when you can ask a celebrity or two for their assistance, it's easier to make it memorable. According to BBC News, groom-to-be Elliot Holman, a radio DJ from Norwich, England, tapped singers Pink and Ed Sheeran to record messages for his girlfriend, Bryony. Holman chose to play those videos, which show both performers encouraging Bryony to accept her boyfriend's proposal, on a recent trip to Florida.

In one video, Pink introduces herself before turning her attention to Bryony. "Elliot Jack Holman would like to ask you if you will be his wife. Please say 'yes,'" she said. Sheeran's message was a bit more persuasive. "Look, listen, Elliot is not going to do better than you. So you just need to just accept it that he needs to marry you. And it has to happen."

"I'm sure he will make you a very happy lady. But the fact is there is no one higher on the totem pole than you for him," Sheeran continued. "So you just gotta let it happen. My seal of approval is there. I'm sure that counts for a lot. But yeah, say 'yes.'" Naturally, Bryony accepted.

Though Pink and Sheeran tag-teamed this proposal, the "Perfect" singer, specifically, has had the most experience with these types of special moments. Last December, he got engaged to his high school sweetheart, Cherry Seaborn, whom he credits as the inspiration behind his hit "Shape of You." Around the same time, he created a video message for choreographer Jason Gilkison, a friend he met on the television show Strictly Come Dancing, to wish him and his husband well on their wedding day.


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