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Credit: Universal Pictures/Courtesy Neal Peters Collection

Love Actually fans will be happy to note that love actually is all around us-at least, it is in the form of a long-awaited (albeit much shorter) sequel, which was finally released this week in honor of Red Nose Day! The reunion aired on NBC and, lucky for us, it featured the same combination of surprises and happy endings that made the original an instant classic.

While the movie was aired in the UK on their Red Nose Day way back in March, the network made our wait worth it by adding a special guest star who didn't make it into the original version: Patrick Dempsey. Otherwise, despite a missing face or two, it looks like almost every storyline made a reappearance-and got a whole new happy ending! Our favorite, though, is pretty easy to pick out of the crowd. Spoiler: Sam, also known as the cutest kid to ever learn a drum solo for love, gets engaged to his childhood crush Joanna.

Not sure the idea of marrying your childhood sweetheart makes that much sense? Don't worry, the special makes it fit pretty naturally. The two haven't been together since childhood, but Sam lives in New York now and they reconnected there, began dating, and finally decided to make a trip across the pond to visit his dad (hi, Liam Neeson!) in London. What Sam doesn't necessarily realize is that Joanna also wants to ask Neeson's character, Daniel, permission to get engaged. We love the twist on a classic wedding tradition!

Needless to say, it all works out in the end. Haven't watched the short sequel yet? See the trailer above, or try watching all 18 minutes here. Thank goodness for Red Nose Day!


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