Do they stain? Are they dangerous?
wedding exits smoke bombs

Smoke bombs have become a major wedding trend in the past couple of years, and the color and texture they can add to wedding photos are details that some couples and photographers absolutely love. If you're considering setting up a photo shoot with a smoke bomb, or bringing them into your wedding day in some other way, here's everything you need to know.

The photos will be colorful, vibrant, and exciting.

Kiersten Rooney, lead event producer and designer of LB Events, has plenty of experience with smoke bombs at weddings and says, "Smoke bombs are so impactful and can be beautiful to photograph." You might consider using them for your engagement photos, during your wedding, or for a photo shoot following your wedding.

You'll need a second set of hands to set off the smoke bomb.

Rooney says it's important to exercise care when using a smoke bomb, which is why she suggests lighting them only on dirt, cement, or grass so they don't catch fire. "If you love the look and want to use a smoke bomb, it would be best to be set off by a family member, friend, or vendor," she explains. With an extra set of hands to manage the smoke bomb, you'll have a little more space and an extra pair of eyes to monitor it.

Beware of sparks and stains.

"Similar to a sparkler or other fireworks, smoke bombs spark and have burned holes in dresses in the past. They can also cause stains if you are standing too close to them," she adds. So, you may want to leave this photo shoot for the day after the actual wedding, or use a different dress for your smoke bomb photos.

Consider alternative ideas.

If your venue won't allow you to set off a smoke bomb (which you should check in about prior to your wedding day), Rooney recommends using color powder for a similar effect without the risk of sparks. If that's not an option, she says, "Biodegradable confetti is always really pretty and impactful when it's colorful!" You might even be able to use a confetti canon for maximum wow factor.


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