26 Chocolate Wedding Favors That Are Too Sweet to Pass Up

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Because who doesn't love chocolate?

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Adam Barnes

Finding a wedding favor to give your guests can be a challenging task. The best kind of wedding favors represents you as a couple and can be used after the wedding. Boozy wedding favors can keep the party going long after the wedding. Edible wedding favors—like oils and jams–can be used for cooking or simply eating. And while we love candy wedding favors, there's a specific candy that's more romantic than the others—and that's chocolate.

Chocolate wedding favors are the ultimate crowdpleaser. It's hard to find someone that isn't a fan of a classic chocolate candy, which is why it's a great option for party favors. Super simple, chocolate can be paired with anything (like bacon!). Better yet, there are so many different ways you can give chocolate favors—box them up, customize them, wrap them in a personalized label, even put your picture on it. No matter what you choose, your guests will be reminded of how sweet your wedding celebration was when snacking on your chocolate favor.

The bride and groom decided to welcome their visiting guests to their D.C. wedding with a sweet treat of marble chocolates, which went with their theme.

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Custom Chocolate Wedding Favors

Corbin Gurkin

Your guests will be surprised that these favors are actually luxury chocolates! These grooms customized the chocolates to give to traveling guests.

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Engraved Chocolate Wedding Favors

jess todd wedding seattle favors chocolate
Belathée Photography

This couple's inspiration for a chocolate bar with their names engraved came from the renowned Seattle restaurant Canlis.

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Boxed Up Chocolate Wedding Favors

Roey Yohai Photography

The bride and groom took these treats to the next level by placing chocolates into monogrammed paper-covered boxes.

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A Variety of Chocolate Wedding Favors

Emily Wren Photography

Why give your guests one kind of chocolate when there are so many to share? Do as this couple did by offering a variety of chocolates, like mini Heath bars and Raisinets, for guests to bag up on their own.

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Chocolate Wedding Favors In Gold Baggies

paper source gold baggies
Bryan Gardner

These foil-wrapped chocolates are packaged up in gold-dipped muslin baggies, which guests can use again and again.

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Chocolate Pyramid Wedding Favors

Hadley Henry

How awesome are these chocolate pyramids?! The cookies-and-cream flavored chocolates are a unique favor to give—not to mention you can customize the colors to go with your palette.

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S'more Wedding Favors

Aaron Delesie

We all know you can't have a s'more without the chocolate! This couple gave guests a DIY s'more-making kit, complete with a Hershey's milk chocolate bar.

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Chocolate-Covered Bacon Wedding Favors

Acqua Photo

This couple asked guests to "bring home the bacon" with chocolate-covered bacon and mini chocolate cupcakes with candied bacon.

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Pictures on Chocolate Wedding Favors

bridal shower food table
Mad Wolf Photography

What better way to personalize a favor than putting your face on it? Give your guests delicious chocolates with adorable and funny pictures of you and your loved one.

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Chocolate Sampler Wedding Favors

Lucas Allen

Give your guests a sampler-style box of chocolates.

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Chocolate Pecan Cluster Wedding Favors


Chewy caramel + toasted pecans + bittersweet chocolate = a decadent and yummy wedding favor.

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Printed Chocolate Wedding Favors

Sang An

How fun are these graphically printed chocolate bark pieces? Package them up in clear boxes to display their beautiful prints.

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Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup Wedding Favors


Put a new spin on this classic by adding white chocolate and crumbled nuts as toppings to peanut butter cups.

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His & Hers Chocolate Wedding Favors

Ingalls Photography

This bride and groom decided to combine their favorite kind of candy into one custom chocolate bar. These favors were half salted dark chocolate (the bride's choice) and half caramelized white chocolate (the groom's choice) and topped off with a personalized label.

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Chocolate Olive Wedding Favors

Dana Gallagher

If your wedding day theme is rustic, or you and your loved one just love olives, these favors are perfect for you. These "olives," are really just chocolates, and look adorable when bagged up in a small burlap sack.

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Chocolate Fish Wedding Favors


How funny and cute are these chocolate fish wrapped up in fishy foil? Your guests will receive the perfect catch, kind of like you and your hubby!

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Rustic Chocolate Bar Wedding Favors


These customized chocolate bar labels capture a rustic or woodsy themed wedding to a T. Add your names, date of the wedding, and location so your guests will remember the occasion when snacking.

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Chocolate Egg Wedding Favors


Fitting for a spring wedding, these caramel-filled chocolate eggs are a great treat to give to your guests. Elevate the presentation with bird nests—they look so real!

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Sparkling Chocolate Truffle Wedding Favor


It might not be a real rock, but these sparkling gems are a close second. With different colors to choose from, your guests will love these gem truffles sitting pretty in a ring box.

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Personalized Chocolate Wedding Favor

Trevor Dixon

For this Philadelphia-themed wedding, the guests took the city with them with these personalized Philly chocolates. Do the same with your unforgettable affair.

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Personalized M&Ms Wedding Favors

Elisabeth Millay Photography

Who doesn't love M&Ms? This couple decided to personalize these M&Ms with the Boston Red Sox logo. You can choose colors, text, and pictures that make them even more personal.

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Salted Caramel Chocolate Wedding Favors

Alixann Loosle Photography

This salty-and-sweet combination of salted caramel chocolates is the ideal way to end the night.

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Wrapped Up Chocolate Favors


Take a simple chocolate square and wrap it up in a pretty printed paper for a homemade favor.

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Chocolate Fudge Wedding Favors


How cute are these heart-shaped fudge favors? Guests will love taking these home to share with others.

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Chocolate Meringue Wedding Favors

Ellen McDermott

Elevate the classic Italian meringue by dipping it in chocolate for a super-sweet giveaway.

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