Your wedding's Plan B doesn't have to be a disappointment.

By Alyssa Brown
June 18, 2020

When you're searching for a wedding venue, you'll likely have a ton of questions running through your mind. Does the atmosphere reflect the way we want our wedding to feel? Can we fit all of our intended wedding guests, or will we need to cut our list? Will we be able to party late into the night? With all those questions on your mind, it's easy to skip over one of the most important things you can ask about your venue: What's the best backup plan in the case of inclement weather?

Whether your wedding is taking place during a notoriously dry time of year or your venue claims it's never too hot in June, you should always be aware of your options just in case something strange happens and you need to roll out the next-best setting for your wedding. To avoid disappointment, that backup plan should be one you're genuinely excited about. Here are some ways to ensure you love Plan B.

Choose a venue with an awesome indoor option.

Wedding planner Alia Wilson, co-owner of Firefly Events, says, "The best thing you can do is find a venue that has an indoor option that you feel legitimately excited about. So many venues offer multiple locations that can work on their property—this could be part of your criteria when narrowing down your search."

Plan to have weather-friendly options that aren't disruptive.

If you're planning to have an outdoor wedding with a large tent as the reception space, making this plan weather-friendly won't be too disruptive. Your tenting company can include clear side walls in your tent quote and bring them along in case the weather looks like it could turn during the wedding day. You don't have to use them if it looks like the weather will cooperate.

Create a gorgeous entrance.

Because your backup plan isn't Plan A, it can feel like a let down. To battle that blues away, brainstorm beautiful entryways with your designer or florist. A candle-lined marquee pathway, a huge greenery arch, or a massive floral chandelier right at the entrance can create significance in this space that otherwise wasn't your first choice.

Plan for a backup plan that fits within your budget.

One of the worst wedding planning experiences is going way over your budget at the last minute because you haven't planned properly for inclement weather. Event planner Stefanie Miles of Stefanie Miles Events says, "Backup plans should be part of the initial venue selection process and kept in mind with budget planning." If you can include a line item in the plan from day one of the planning that covers what it'll take to initiate Plan B, you'll be so much happier and less stressed when it comes to carrying it out.

Embrace one element you can get excited about and accentuate it.

When choosing your backup plan, pick one thing you absolutely love about it so you can get excited about that detail in the event you do have to head indoors. For example, maybe your rain plan means that your ceremony will take place a ballroom with a beautiful fireplace and mantel. You can choose to focus on a creative, lush floral installation along the mantel and create a lounge space around the fireplace, keeping your mind on the gain rather than focusing on the outdoor greenery you'll be missing.


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