Apparently, the former First Lady got all the closet space—and her husband has some feelings about it.

By Sarah Schreiber
February 01, 2018
Michelle and Barack Obama at State Dinner in Singapore
Credit: Chip Somodevilla

A year after officially moving out of the White House, Michelle Obama opened up about her and Barack Obama's new digs. During Thursday's episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, the former FLOTUS revealed that her husband didn't exactly get the space he wanted in their Washington, D.C. mansion-and he's not over it.

"He still talks about this," Obama told DeGeneres. "He got so shortchanged on this whole deal. He doesn't have enough closet space…sorry!" On top of that injustice, she also admitted that the former president also "got the smallest room for his office," and that he's jealous of daughter Sasha's space. Apparently, the sixteen-year-old has a two-suite bedroom, complete with a living room. "So, he's really hating on her," Obama teased.

However Barack Obama feels about his new living arrangements, it's still in a neighborhood he knows and loves-their residence is just blocks from the White House. When asked whether or not it felt strange to move in close to their former home, Michelle Obama shook her head. "No it's not. I mean, you know, the thing I learned in those eight years is that home is where we make it and we were in the White House for eight years, but it wasn't the house, it was us in it. It was our value and our love for each other. We just moved that to another house."

Funnily enough, the couple's biggest adjustment during the move wasn't changing houses-it was getting used to having a doorbell again. "Now I have a door and a door bell and people actually trip out when I come to my door and I open it," Mrs. Obama said. "The dogs, Bo and Sunny, don't know what a doorbell is. So, the doorbell rings and they're like I've never heard that before."


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