"I had an Emmy in one hand and a Ring Pop in the other."
Credit: Allen Berezovsky

When we were shooting our fashion spread with Lydia Hearst for our summer issue, we fell in love with her. So we're not surprised that Chris Hardwick-comedian and talk-show host-did too. Here, Hardwick gives us the scoop on how he fell in love with and proposed to his now-fiancée, and our fashion shoot star.

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On Falling In Love

"We were taking a road trip through Zion National Park. I'm scared of heights, and at one point I had to pull over because my hands were sweating so much. I was terrified." Lydia took the wheel, and Chris thought, You're accepting me with my flaws, and I love you for that.

On The Ring

When they got serious, Chris called Lydia's mom, Patricia Hearst, to say he had good intentions. She said, "I'm going to give you Lydia's grandmother's ring-she wanted Lydia to have it."

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On Proposing

Chris had been nominated for an Emmy for his show @midnight. He told Lydia they would be going to a party at L.A.'s Chateau Marmont after the awards, when in fact he had booked a suite for just the two of them and had it filled with flowers. When they walked in, he got down on one knee and proposed with a candy ring (the antique diamond one hadn't yet made its way from New York). "She said yes and burst into tears," says Chris. As for the Emmy: "If I hadn't won, I still would have won."


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