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An open bar is pretty much all you need to keep guests happy at your wedding, but if you're the type to go above and beyond, then consider wowing your guests with a signature drink. Whether you're looking for something unique and different or simply don't know where to start, Josh Rosenthal, CEO and founder of The Grand Bevy, shares his best tips for creating a custom sip that will bring your bar scene to the next level.


It's your wedding day, so it's only natural that the signature drink be your drink of choice! Whatever your favorite beverage may be, this is the time to let it shine. And don't stress over getting fancy-even the simplest of cocktails can be dressed up and personalized with a clever name, Rosenthal advises. "The SipMi is definitely our most popular offering" says Rosenthal. This creative cocktail is attached to a photo booth that takes a picture of your face and then lays it atop a delicious concoction in minutes.

Reference Pop Culture

Don't have a go-to order? Don't sweat it. Use pop culture to help inform what goes in the glass. If your wedding falls on Kentucky Derby weekend, serve up a Mint Julep! A Fourth of July bash lends itself perfectly to a patriotic red-white-and-blue sangria. If all else fails, find the nearest drink bandwagon and hop right on. In the summertime, there's no thirsty guest on earth that would turn down a frosé, and looking back it'll be a fun sign of the times.

Let the Venue Lead

You chose your venue for a reason, so use the location to your advantage! A fairytale wedding in an opulent ballroom feels complete with a sparkling drink in a Champagne flute. For a barn wedding, experiment with moonshine (responsibly, of course). The more obvious the connection, the better received your cocktail will be with guests. If the venue itself doesn't spark any ideas, perhaps the geography will. Research local microbreweries or vineyards and show some hometown pride for a place that will always hold a special place in your heart.

Think Outside the Glass

The right signature drink doesn't necessarily need to be served in a glass. In fact, it may not even be a drink at all. The Grand Bevy offers what's known as a molecular cocktail. "Using methods developed by the world's top chefs and molecular gastronomists, we are able to craft any cocktail recipe into these liquid-filled spheres that literally burst on the palate," Rosenthal explains. "There is nothing else to them but pure cocktail."


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