It's a lovely season but you need to handle it right.
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Every season brings its share of potential wedding-related weather snafus, and spring is no different. From rainy April days to an insect invasion in May, there's a lot that's out of your control in the springtime. To be better prepared, take a look at potential problems and learn what to do about them before they derail your big day.

The weather may feel more winter than spring.

Depending on when and where your wedding is taking place, you wake up to unexpectedly chilly temperatures on your wedding day. Anticipate guests' discomfort by setting up a hot drink station during the cocktail hour and giving your bridesmaids wraps to wear with their skin-baring gowns. And don't forget to get one in white!

There's a good chance of rain on the wedding day.

To help guests stay dry, have large umbrellas and valets (this is a great job for your ushers!) at the ready to offer cover as loved ones go to and from the ceremony and reception venues. Want to make it super-comfy for guests? Have the ceremony and reception at the same venue, so everyone gets wet just once!

Insects could try to crash an outdoor party.

From flies to bees, flying critters may be your wedding's most unwanted guests. Talk to your venue's manager about their spraying practices and how to set up far from problematic areas.

Unpredictable forecasts may mean you're required to rent a tent.

No one can anticipate for sure if you'll need a tent but it's important to have one just in case rain becomes a reality. Not only will a tent-with sides-offer shelter, it will also anchor the party and create a focal point in a way that a non-tented area won't.

Rain or snow could halt outdoor photos.

The sky doesn't have to be blue and the sun doesn't have to shine for you and your bridal party to take outdoor photos in spring-in fact, overcast days almost always result in beautiful wedding pictures. But if it rains or snows, your original plan to trek across a lawn, you and your stilettos will face wet grass and mud. Have a dry place to pose as an alternative.

A late spring may mean some flowers aren't available locally.

Even though certain blooms are known for their spring birthdays, they may be in short supply locally as your wedding day nears. Blame the unpredictable weather-too much rain or not enough. Give your florist other options that she can substitute for the no-show flowers just in chase.


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