It's not easy being the bridal party's banker.
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Everyone unanimously agreed that the bridal shower would be held at the bride's favorite café and decided that the cost would be split evenly among the maid of honor, three bridesmaids, and the bride's mom. Your entire group of 12 said they were on board for the weekend-long bachelorette party in Vegas. Each 'maid said "yes" to pitching in $100 for a group gift at the engagement party. But when the deposit was due, the hotel had to be booked, or the gift ordered, it was the the maid of honor who put it on her Visa. Are the girls good for the money? Let's hope so. Even if everyone has good intentions to pay, the MOH has the unpleasant task of asking them for money. It shouldn't really come down to one adult chasing after other adults to pay their due, but it's pretty common, especially when groups are involved. Here's what the maid of honor should do to make sure she gets paid.

Start with an email.

A month before you need the money, email the group and write "Cassie's shower payment" in the subject line. Tell them the amount each individual owes, what the deadline to send it is, and what the payment options are. If they're sending personal checks, include the line: "Make check payable to [your first and last name]" and give your mailing address. If you prefer getting payments via Venmo, PayPal, Google Wallet, or similar e-method, include pertinent account info.

Send a reminder text.

A week before the money is due, send everyone a reminder group text. It couldn't hurt to copy the details from your previous email into the text.

Get personal.

If the deadline comes and goes and you've got some nonpayers, follow up with a personal text. A phone call may seem too aggressive if you're not friends with them. Be polite while asking when you can expect payment. You shouldn't have to justify why you're asking for the money but if you want to underscore the importance of your request, mention that you've had to shell out the entire amount to the restaurant and need to be paid back now.


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