Get through the ceremony without any tantrums.
bride and flower girls

Adorable ring bearers and flower girls bring crowd-pleasing sweetness to any processional. Choosing the littlest members of the bridal party could be an easy decision-perhaps your best friend's daughter or four-year-old nephew has no competition. But some brides-especially those with hordes of youngsters in the family-may have a tough time picking just one or two children for the job. There's no need to fret: You can include all of your rambunctious nieces and nephews in the big day fun! Here are six tips for having multiple flower girls and ring bearers.

Don't Stress

Children are naturally rowdy and rambunctious. Gather a handful of munchkins in one place, add uncomfortable clothing and a formal setting into the mix, and you've got a potentially hard-to-control situation. If you're having multiple flower girls or ring bearers, understand that everything won't go according to plan. One of the ring bearers may throw a tantrum, a flower girl may drop her basket, or several of them may refuse to walk down the aisle. But no matter what happens, your ceremony will on, and the innocent nature of the situation will surely make guests go "awww."

Work in Numbers

Did you recruit a large number of three- to five-year-olds to take part in the processional? Bolster the kids' confidence by allowing all flower girls to walk down the aisle holding hands, and take the same approach for ring bearers. The act of companionship will kick stage fright to the curb.

Arrange Transportation

All aboard! The most efficient way to ensure little kids participate in the processional is compiling them into a wagon, then asking a bridesmaid or groomsmen to pull them down the aisle. This strategy works especially well when dealing with toddlers, who don't quite understand the situation at hand.

Split Up Duties

If your flower girls and ring bearers are school aged, consider splitting up duties. You don't need three little boys carrying the ring pillow, for example, so enlist two of them to hold signage reading "Here comes the bride" instead. Similarly, one of the flower girls can carry your wedding dress train, while the others can display a floral garland.

Issue a Bribe

Worried about bickering between the flower girls and ring bearers? Issue a bribe to the group: If they behave throughout the entire ceremony, you'll supply ice cream at the reception.

Skip the Roles

Some couples may hesitate to pick child attendants for fear of upsetting the kids who aren't invited to participate-or, perhaps worse, upsetting their parents. If you're afraid of hurting feelings, consider skipping the child attendant roles altogether. Although flower girls and ring bearers are absolutely adorable, they aren't necessary for a perfect processional.


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