10 Tips for Choosing a Wedding-Day Look You Won't Regret in 25 Years

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Get tips for achieving a bridal style that stands the test of time.

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Corbin Gurkin

You never want to look back on your wedding day and have regrets about what you wore, or worse, feel like your style didn't stand the test of time. With so many options, sometimes it can be overwhelming to pick the perfect dress that you not only love but also will feel classic for decades to come. Here, a few of the wedding industry's most stylish offer their advice on how to create the perfect timeless look for your big day.

"Opting for 'trendy' bridal attire, while fun and stylish in the moment, can date your wedding day style. You can never go wrong with a classic white gown adorned by a romantic white veil and a personal addition. Statement hair flowers or an elegant pearl necklace can complement your traditional ensemble." —Isabella Sikaffy, Owner & Creative Director, Florabella Studios

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Blend Old with New

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Justine Ungaro

"A convertible dress that allows for more coverage during the ceremony and little more fun at the reception is the perfect way to embrace a more classic style without feeling restricted. For example, opt for a lace long-sleeve top to wear over a strapless dress, so you will have long sleeves for part of your day and a more skin bearing, yet still elegant gown for dinner and dancing." —Jen Stiebel, Founder & Owner, SoCo Events

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Go for Classic Materials like Lace or Satin

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Abby Ross

"Pay attention to the fabric. We find in general chiffon, lace and silk always work beautifully. Pick traditional styles with clean lines such as dresses with empire waists, A-lines or ball gowns. You can always make it your own with accessories." —Michelle Rago, Founder, Michelle Rago Destinations

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Makeup Matters

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Liz Banfield

"Remember that your hair and makeup play a major role in nearly every picture. Do at least one test run well before the wedding day." —Liz Banfield, Owner & Photographer, Liz Banfield

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Don't Underestimate the Timelessness of a Veil

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Jocelyn Filley Photography

"I never get tired of long veils, lace, and family (jewelry) heirlooms. They are all such classically beautiful elements of bridal fashion that never go out of style." —Jocelyn Filley, Owner & Photographer, Jocelyn Filley Photography

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Leave More to the Imagination

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Christian Oth Studio

"A gown that provides more coverage and exposes less skin is equally as sexy and extremely elegant. Covering up with beautiful sheer sleeves is timeless and incredibly classic." —Tracy Taylor Ward, President & Principal Designer & Planner, Tracy Taylor Ward Design

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Pull Your Hair Back

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Barnett Photography

"Simple hair that is pulled back off the face in a low bun or high chignon is timeless. Style your hair with a simple up-do and a stylish hairpiece." —Paul Barnett, Owner & Photographer, Paul Barnett Photography

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Don't Over Accessorize

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O'Malley Photographers

"Accessorize with pieces that you can envision being heirloom and passing down to your daughter or granddaughter. Complement earrings and a necklace with a delicate headpiece, but keep it subtle. Top everything off with a monogrammed handkerchief that will become a sweet keepsake." —Aleah & Nick Valley, Owners, Valley & Company Events

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Don't Forget About the Groom

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Sara Donaldson

"Make sure your groom's style matches yours! Next to your bespoke dress a rented tuxedo will dampen the impact of your overall look. A great suit or custom tuxedo in classic black or blue will always complement. not detract, from your bridal style!" —Julian Leaver, The Dapper Diplomat

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Be Yourself

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Sylvie Gil Photography

"Stay authentic to your own personal style. Style is ultimately in the eye of the beholder so what appeals to one person may not appeal to another. Appeal to your own senses." —Stephanie Cole & Sarah Drake, Founders, Cole Drake Events

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