Elevate a bamboo arch, Polynesian-style, with these DIY strands made from a sand-friendly staple: grass skirts.
Credit: Erin Kunkel


  • Raffia skirting
  • White raffia
  • Scissors
  • Cotton string
  • White wire


For a twisted garland:

1. Trim raffia skirting to five inches long.

2. Twist the band as you drape the garland.

For a knotted garland:

1. Every four inches, separate the skirting into two sections and tie bows around each section.

2. Cut the bow loops and ends to be even. Twist the garland as you drape it.

For a tasseled garland:

1. Every four inches, tie one piece of raffia around the section to make little ponytails.

For grass pom-poms:

1. Make six-inch-long bundles of loose white raffia.

2. Tie the middle of the bundle with a piece of white wire.

3. Twist the wire to secure it, and fluff the raffia into a pom-pom.

4. Tie a pom-pom onto a white cotton string every ten inches.


Raffia skirting, $8; save-on-crafts.com.


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