Every 'maid can lend a hand—even if they aren't throwing it!
Credit: Dan Dalton

Bridal showers are typically hosted by someone close to the bride, such as her mom, maid of honor, or a close relative. Naturally, the host takes on the bulk of planning and preparation tasks, but all bridesmaids should be responsible for making sure the pre-wedding celebration run smoothly. Here are seven things 'maids can do at the shower-even if they aren't hosting it!

Decorate the Venue

Whether the bridal shower takes place in a restaurant or a living room, you'll want to elevate the space for the event. Recruit a few bridesmaids to pick up bridal-esque decorations like balloons, tablecloths, flowers, and colorful signage. Then, on the day of the shower, all bridesmaids should arrive at the venue one or two hours early to set everything up. Don't forget the pretty place settings and picture-perfect gift table!

Greet Guests

As guests start arriving at the shower, have a bridesmaid warmly greet them at the door. These women should collect the guests' gifts, hang up their coats, and make introductions. The sweet gestures will make everyone feel welcome and comfortable.

Plan Games

In addition to the meal and gift exchange, many bridal showers involve games. Have the bridesmaids brainstorm game ideas prior to the shower, then choose the best of the bunch and plan accordingly. At the shower, a handful of 'maids can take the reins on the games-whether it's judging wedding dresses made of toilet paper, tallying up scores on bridal-shower bingo, playing hostess for trivia contests, or debating answers on wedding jeopardy.

Control the Music

Like all memorable parties, a bridal shower should have catchy and upbeat music. One or two bridesmaids can control the tunes for the pre-wedding celebration, putting together the perfect playlist of the bride's favorite songs and wedding-worthy ballads. Remember to bring a speaker to the event!

Prep the Meal

If the bridal shower doesn't take place in a restaurant or event space, the bridesmaids should plan the food and drink menu. Most of the time, the 'maids will order a catering service, or a relative of the bride will offer to cook a homemade meal. Then, at the shower, all bridesmaids should help set up the food-no matter if it's buffet-style or a sit-down meal. Clean up the dishes afterward and box up leftovers for guests (or the bride!) to take home.

Manage the Gift Exchange

A gift exchange is often the main event of a bridal shower. The activity requires many hands on deck, so split up responsibilities between the bridesmaids. Recruit one bridesmaid for each of these tasks: passing the gifts to the bride, keeping a written list of gifts, and clearing up wrapping paper. After the ceremony, the bridesmaids may offer to help the bride write thank-you notes for the gifts she received.

Deal with Favors

Although favors aren't necessary for bridal showers, many hosts offer them to thank guests for attending. Most favors are small and thoughtful tokens of gratitude, such as a sweet treat, personalized wine glass, or potted plant. Delegate one or more bridesmaids to handle all aspects of the bridal shower favors, from choosing the goodies to passing them out at the end of the shower.


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