Love is in the air!
Pilot Proposes to Girlfriend on Flight

Now that's what we call flying high post-proposal! A pilot for Australian airline company Qantas was embarking on flight QF93 from Melbourne to Los Angeles this morning when he went on the intercom to address one "very special passenger": his soon-to-be fiancée!

"Captain Ellis has been a Qantas pilot for 30 years and has made many inflight announcements," Qantas posted on Facebook, along with a video of the engagement. "But this weekend on QF93 he made a different announcement for a very special passenger…"

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That passenger? Ellis's girlfriend, Anna. "She's traveling back to South America to visit her family," the pilot said into his headset, "and I want to make sure she comes back to me in Australia. So now that I have your complete attention, Anna: Quieres casarte conmigo? Will you marry me?"

And with that, Ellis appeared with a bouquet of roses and a ring and got down on one knee right in the airplane aisle. Anna gave an emotional "yes," and the two shared a sweet kiss. Next stop: another kind of aisle!

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