Nobody wants a line of confused guests forming due to confusing seating assignments.
molly adam wedding seating chart

Seating charts are a great way to reduce paper use and create a beautiful, well-designed display for your guests to admire. With that said, it's important to remember that these displays are first and foremost about functionality. If they're too confusing or hard to read, the seating process for your wedding's reception dinner can become a drain on time. Here are a few tips to keep it simple and ensure that the seating chart is incredibly clear for your guests.

Go in alphabetic order.

You can list alphabetically by first or last name, but just be sure the pattern is clear and easy for guests to follow. Depending on the layout, the names on a seating chart may be either listed as individuals or as couples. It's usually much easier for guests to find their spots if you list them by couple, though.

Steer clear of clutter.

The seating chart is a big part of the wedding décor and, when carefully planned, can be a really beautiful addition to your reception. No matter what decorative additions you choose for your seating chart, it's important that the text is easy to read and the information is easily accessible. If there's a lot of pattern, color, texture, and detailing to the chart, it becomes a bit of a maze for guests searching for their names. Relying on simple fonts in high contrast colors tends to be the best way to communicate the information.

Have help on hand.

Because the seating chart doesn't follow a classic model in which guests have a card with their table number to carry, they have a tendency to forget the table assignment quickly. If possible, it can be helpful to have staff on-hand helping guests find their seats. This is something a wedding planning team should be able to coordinate, ensuring the seating process goes smoothly.


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