If details really aren't your thing.

Sure, going against the grain and hosting your wedding at a secluded, private estate in the countryside sounds lovely and all, but we will be the first people to admit that it's a whole lot of work. Bringing in tenting, portable restrooms, backup electricity, a pop-up kitchen, and hiring all your own vendors is just the start of a long planning process. If you're someone who's looking to plan a wedding quickly, with as little headache as possible, we have to recommend sticking with venues that are popular, well-established, and set up as a one-stop shop. Here we present our best case for getting married at an all-inclusive wedding venue.

They've done a lot of the work for you.

One of the things many couples struggle with is the amount of work that goes into planning a wedding. Sourcing and hiring vendors is not a quick or easy task, but many of the all-inclusive wedding venues have already sorted through this portion for you and will present you with a list of preferred vendors. This is typically a list of professionals who are licensed and insured, and are familiar with the property, having been on-site for many weddings in the space. While you're usually not required to hire these vendors, it'll likely make your to do list a bit shorter if you do.

You'll be faced with very few surprises.

Because you've chosen a well-oiled machine, you're far less likely to run into wedding horror stories like the power going out because too many vendors were hooked up to one outlet or wind blowing out all the candles outside. Since these types of venues have experienced all kinds of power, weather, and other issues, they're more prepared and typically more active in preventing wedding day dilemmas.

Wedding coordinators are often included.

While they aren't designers or people you'll go to for help with your invitations and attire, many venues that host multiple weddings in a week include a wedding coordinator to oversee your catering team and the overall production of your day. Since a lot of the guesswork has been taken out of the planning process by getting married at a location that has a standard way of setting up, this coordinator tends to be a no-nonsense event manager who can help you sort through your wedding dilemmas quickly and easily. It's smart to have a candid conversation with this person prior to signing the venue contract so you know exactly what his/her responsibilities are and can manage your own side of the coordination accordingly, as they're likely to have their hands full with other weddings.

You're more likely to stay within budget.

Because these types of venues tend to have a designated way of doing things, there's very little variance when it comes to budgeting for a wedding. If they tell you the per person cost will be around $100 for food and alcohol, you can usually count on that to be true. Venues that host multiple weddings in a week are also more likely to have some flexibility when it comes to cutting back on budget. So, if you end up with more guests than you'd expected to RSVP and need to lose a few menu items or downgrade your bar options at the last minute, they venue is more likely to be flexible so long as you meet your agreed upon minimum and let them know prior to the deadline date set in your event contract. And since there are far fewer surprises, there shouldn't be any pop-up costs that weren't agreed upon prior to the wedding day.

They have everything you need on-site.

Most all-inclusive wedding venues venues offer multiple table, chair, and linen options alongside a variety of setup styles for the best flow of the event. This can be a huge budget saver, as renting furniture, lighting, and linens adds up very quickly when you're planning a wedding at a smaller venue.

While many couples are turned off by venues that allow multiple weddings on-site during the same weekend, or same day, it's certainly worth weighing the benefits against the downsides if your priority is an easy-to-plan, lower cost celebration. After all, there's no fun in spending all your time stressing over a wedding to do list.


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