Minimalism isn't just for your home décor!

By Katelyn Chef
February 12, 2020
lucite pedestal containing greenery and white roses displaying bee themed wedding cake

There's no denying the fact that the trend of living a simple, minimalist lifestyle isn't going anywhere, and we're now seeing that understated maxim spreading into other parts of our lives—weddings included. Now, more and more engaged couples are favoring a simpler wedding style, but you might be surprised to learn that planning a minimalist wedding is easier said than done. If you're hoping to plan your own understated celebration, but you're at a loss for where you start, you're in luck: We spoke to two industry professionals at Pineapple Productions and The Happy Bloom, and these experts shared their to planning the ultimate minimalist event.

Put Together an Exhibit

Courtney Nelson Lunsford, a wedding planner at Pineapple Productions, says she has two main tips when it comes creating a minimalist wedding day. "A minimalist wedding can be absolutely gorgeous! The key is approaching every aspect as a curator putting together an exhibit," she tells. The goal is to edit down your ideas to the elements that feel truly meaningful and special. Lunsford adds, "Fewer elements mean that each individual component carries more weight as part of the overall aesthetic."

Focus on Key Elements

Focusing on a few key elements, such as a modern-day wedding cake with a simple acrylic cake display stand, will help you create the overall well-edited look you're going for. Lunsford says, "Carefully pairing beautifully simple elements, each lovely in their own right, can create an exquisite minimalist effect."

Flower Arrangements That Pop

Designing a minimalist wedding does not mean that color and liveliness are officially out of the question, though. In fact, it can be the total opposite. Justin Browner, owner and photographer at The Happy Bloom, says that minimalist events and colorful floral displays and décor are not mutually exclusive ideas. "Sometimes the word minimal immediately gets connected to ivory and greenery. But it doesn't have to! Flowers and colors can be minimal, too." All you need to is think about how you'll use color, to pro adds. "A bouquet full of just one type of flower or just one color is minimal yet striking. Think about a bouquet filled with nothing but white garden roses, or an arch filled with only yellow poppies. Both are aesthetically minimal and so full of life and vitality."

Avoid a Basic White Wedding Cake

As far as your wedding cake goes, you don't need to choose white fondant or frosting to achieve your desired minimalist look. But if you do want to go all-white, consider incorporating designs and textures for a little something extra. Browner says, "We love when couples explore textures and patterns on their grand wedding day dessert. Think vintage French stucco or antique foliage. There are lots of ways to keep your cake minimal but far from boring."

Intentional Photography

"Intentionality is the key to a successful minimalist wedding. This goes for everything from the cake to the flowers to the photos," Browner explains. When planning your minimalist wedding, it's important to share this visions and aesthetic your photographer. "As photographers, it is our duty to adjust our game-plan for each couple while still staying true to our aesthetic. Every couple is different and will have different needs. With a more minimal couple, we want to be more intentional with how we frame a photo," he says. "Just as a minimal wedding design relies on clean lines and structure, a minimal photo style relies on the same qualities."


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