Add these crowd-pleasing options to your menu.
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Great food is what takes a wedding from fun to unforgettable. Luckily, there are some clear-cut winners that make it easy to win people's hearts through their stomachs. To ensure your menu is stacked with the types of big-day fare guests love most, we asked seasoned caterers to share the menu offerings that always get finished first. With any of these options on your wedding menu, your family and friends are bound to be delighted.

Spoon Snacks

If you want to ensure your guests gobble up your cocktail hour appetizers? Then Leslie Nilsson, founder and creative director of Bartleby & Sage, says to put it on a spoon. Something about small bites on spoons (especially when the utensil itself is edible) really speaks to attendees. Some of her favorites include poke on a corn lime spoon, mac and cheese on a Parmesan peppercorn spoon, and s'mores on a chocolate spoon. As for options better left un-offered, Nilsson points to soup shots and rice paper spring rolls. "Folks simply prefer dumplings or more decadent options like fried spring rolls," she explains.

Mini BLTs

If you're looking for classics with a farm-fresh feel, Ben Elliott, owner and chef of Saltbox Kitchen, has the greatest hits album to make you drool. "Pretty much everyone loves the classic BLT," he explains. "Take a familiar, comforting, and delicious item like the BLT and make it a bite size hors d'oeuvre. I feel like it adds an element of playfulness to a menu or to an event." From there, Elliott points to other creative concoctions using seasonal fruits and vegetables that catch guests eyes, like a colorful strawberry goat cheese crostini or individual crudité cups.

Ahi Tuna

"By far our most popular appetizer is seared ahi on wonton with soy and wasabi aioli," says Lake Tahoe Catering owner Misty Sparrow. Rounding out the top three, she also includes caprese skewers and crab cakes as the bites guests find most irresistible.


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