Aunt Becky will always love Uncle Jesse, but she's especially glad he ended up with new wife Caitlin McHugh.

By Emily Platt
March 01, 2018
lori loughlin john stamos
Credit: Lori Loughlin via Instagram

Whenever Lori Loughlin talks publicly about her 20-year marriage to Mossimo Giannulli, she's bombarded by fans who think her heart should belong to John Stamos instead. The response stems from their beloved TV relationship on Full and Fuller House, and, according to Aunt Becky herself, she doesn't mind at all.

"Oh yes, whenever I post something with my husband, people will write comments," Loughlin recently told Entertainment Tonight. "I laugh now, I think it's funny. They're like, 'You should've married John!'" The actress shared that her spouse is a good sport about it, too. "What's even funnier though, is sometimes my husband will comment back and say, 'Yeah, you should have [married Stamos]!' or something funny like that. Like, he'll just pop off!"

But there's no competition between the two men. "Oh my gosh, [my husband] loves John. He has a great sense of humor about it. Now, I read it and I'm completely numb to it. I'm not offended by it, I actually think it's very sweet that people are so emotionally involved in the Jesse and Becky characters, that they really want to see this onscreen couple that they love so much be an off-screen couple too. Just know, we are great friends and we do love each other," Loughlin went on.

The star then explained what she thinks of Caitlin McHugh, who married Stamos a little over a month ago. "I'm so excited for him. It's long overdue and his wife is a really great girl," she gushed. "When I first met her, you know, you have that sense," she told Entertainment Tonight, revealing that she knew that McHugh was a "keeper" from the start. "As pretty as she is on the outside, she's even prettier on the inside. She's just solid. She's grounded, she's just a really nice woman," she shared.


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