20 Inventive Ways to Revamp Your Wedding Photo Booth

photo booth van with heart
Kristyn Villars Photography

In this digital world, you might thank that Snapchat geotags and Instagram hashtags are the best ways to help your guests commemorate your wedding day—they don't, however, have the charm of a classic instant photograph. (Plus, you already know that Polaroid photos look great when styled for social media.) The best way to take these types of images at your celebration? Wedding photo booths. Today, there are so many ways to make a photo booth, and the sweet photographs they yield, your own. Plus, they often work double-duty: They keep guests entertained during your cocktail hour and reception and provide keepsakes that make great favors.

They'll also come in handy if you're considering banning cell phones at your event, since they allow guests to capture memories without being glued to technology. If we've convinced you to rent or create one for your big day, be sure to bookmark the options ahead—as you'll discover, these stations have gotten a new-age makeover and are sleeker and infinitely prettier than their basic, boxy predecessors. Need proof? Take this pink-and-white trailer, which was provided by the Traveling Photo Bus, for example. We loved how its Airstream aesthetic added a retro vibe to this event.

If the photo booths in the following slides are any indication, there's a station out there that will definitely suit your specific wedding style. From simple but beautiful backdrops that speak to modern events to larger-than-life, floral-centric set ups that would work at a garden party, these wedding photo booths will undoubtedly inspire your own.

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Greenery Arch

greenery arch photo booth
Almond Leaf Studios

A semi-complete greenery arch by Flora Asheville transformed this brick wall into the perfect photo backdrop in this couple's industrial reception space.

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Photo Booth Bus

aubrey austin wedding vw van
Ace & Whim

The Foto Booth Bus supplied this couple with a two-for-one deal: The interior of this Volkswagen van was a photo booth, and the old-school exterior served as a cool backdrop.

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storybook photo booth
Jessie Holloway

Create a photo booth that is a representation of your fairy-tale wedding day. This bride designed this life-size book backdrop complete with the appropriate phrase, "Once upon a time."

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fern greenery backdrop
Rachel Havel Photography

Partygoers struck a pose in front of this modern living wall by Prema. The neon sign added a great color contrast and made for an Instagram-worthy photo op.

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classic photo booth
onelove photography

Union Booth provided this traditional-meets-retro photo booth for this couple's celebration.

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Selfie Guest Book

photo booth guest book
The Ganeys

As a keepsake for the couple, attendees were given a Polaroid camera to snap selfies in this photo booth; the images were then pressed into the guest book.

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photo booth set up with carnations
Sarah Maria Photography

Pink and orange carnations added a pop of color to this white photo booth backdrop by Viva La Booth.

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photo booth backdrop with monogram
Sweet Mary Photography

This wooden herringbone backdrop was a family effort pulled off by the both the bride and groom's fathers. Townsville Flower Market added a cluster of flowers and greenery to the top of the structure for a simple and natural look.

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Homey Set Up

movie inspired photo booth
Ela & The Poppies

Like most of the elements at this wedding, the photo booth was a homemade creation built by the bride's father and her new groom. Complete with a vintage arm chair and framed pictures, the display looked like a cozy living room.

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tropical photo backdrop

Stems ensured every inch of this wooden photo backdrop was covered in tropical foliage like leaves, protea, greenery, and other bright blooms.

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photo booth with paper flowers
Love Is a Bird

This whimsical photo booth—a team effort that required work on the parts of the bride, By Mademoiselle C, and L'Arrosoir de Margaux—featured large, colorful paper flowers and a picnic-style set up.

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Lace Tent

lace tent photo booth
Amber Vickery Photography

One of the best parts about photo booths is that they can be manipulated for any wedding theme. Take this set up by Loot Rentals and Le Photo Booth Co. that used a lace tent in a woodsy area for a bohemian vibe.

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Scattered Photo Stations

chrissy and jons guests polaroid pictures
Corbin Gurkin

Rather than commit to a stationary structure, this couple provided guests with instant-print cameras. There were multiple spread throughout the venue for friends and family to grab, and the photographs were added to the guest book at the end of the night.

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Ornate Frame

photo booth with wooden frame
Annamarie Akins Photography

Whimsy Event Planning & Design and Paisley & Jade joined forces to create this simple but elegant photo booth design. The pros suspended an ornate frame from a wood beam and dressed it up with vibrant florals and greenery.

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Cloth Backdrop

floral and greenery backdrop
Casey Fatchett Photography

A blue cloth backdrop perfectly contrasted the pink and magenta blooms by Ariel Dearie Flowers on this station. Long garlands were draped over the linens to create an ethereal, picture-perfect scene.

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celestial photo booth
Shutter Go Click Photography

A "Moon Booth" was an unexpected addition to this tropical wedding's reception. The bride's dad built it, while her mother painted the face onto the structure.

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Twinkle Lights

twinkle light photo booth with props
Amanda Sutton Photography

For their big day, this duo DIYed their own photo station by hanging twinkle lights behind a semi-sheer curtain. A thin greenery garland added a natural element to the display.

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Sailboat Photo Station

Anchor and Safety Throw Ring Accents
KT Merry

At this beach soiree, guests could stop by a sailboat photo station, complete with plenty of on-theme props.

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Photo Booth Van

jackie dave wedding photo van
Dear Lovers Photography

A photo booth was a must-have for the groom at this wedding. The couple chose to work with The Photo Bus and rented this nifty, retro Volkswagen van. The vintage aesthetic was a big plus for the pair, as was the van's color (which coordinated with the groom's attire).

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