This list may help you priortizie which elements of your day to spend the most time and money on.
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When it comes to planning your wedding day, it might feel like the list of to-dos are endless. The fact is, there are an unlimited amount of things you can do ahead of your big day, but not every detail is worth the effort. The reason? There's a number of items you may be spending lots of time and money on that your guests won't really notice.

To help you make the most of your wedding expenditures, we asked professional planners to unveil the things they find that guests hardly ever pay attention to. Unless it's something you feel strongly about having at your ceremony or reception, it might be wise to skip any or all of the below if you're looking for ways to save time or money.


If it's important to you to have your invitations or guest cards hand calligraphed, by all means do it, but don't expect that all of your guests will know the difference. In this modern day of print technology we live in, they may assume that you had it printed that way. Plus, as Deb Erb, owner of Simply Events Inc., points out, guests will throw away the envelopes and stick the invite on their fridge. "It's way too time-consuming for brides to do themselves when planning a wedding and paying someone else to do it, means you're using money that could be directed toward special hors d'oeuvres!"

Wedding Favors

"So many couples agonize over the decision of what to do for favors and I often recommend they skip them altogether or make a charitable donation in lieu of favors," says Leah Weinberg, owner of Color Pop Events. "Making a donation in lieu of favors is growing in popularity and a great way to make a more meaningful use of the money you would otherwise spend on a throwaway item." If you do want to give guests favors, make it something edible. Guests almost never leave snacks behind.

Fine China Rentals

It's only natural to want your wedding to look beautiful, but unless it really matters to you and will urk you otherwise, you might want to skip the fine china rentals. "It will probably not even register with guests that they are eating from gold rimmed plates versus vintage china or plain white plates, so save your money!" says Weinberg. "If you've got a large guest count, then even the small price difference between types of plates will really add up." It's best to keep it simple.


This is another area where brides and grooms can go overboard. Often, vendors will provide more than one color and material option for table linens and napkins, but tablecloths are something your guests probably won't pay that much attention to. "A bold color is great for linens to bring some pizzazz to your reception space, but plain cotton linens come in practically every color of the rainbow, so there's really no need for fancy, expensive fabrics," says Weinberg. "As long as your tables are presented well and look nice, guests probably won't think twice about what's covering them."

The Playlist

This might seem incredibly important, especially if you have a number of songs you definitely don't want to hear played at your wedding, but you need to remember that you hired them for their talent. You don't want to control every single song that comes on during your wedding reception. "Let your band or DJ play the music the way that will keep guests on the dance floor," urges Danielle Rothweiler of Rothweiler Event Design. "Too many couples try to micromanage with playlists and then they're left with empty dance floors-instead trust the professionals to do their job and don't worry about this at all."


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