Most likely, yes. But there are some exceptions.

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Depending on what your wedding venue provides, you may need to rent tables, chairs, lounge furniture, tabletop items, a dance floor, heaters, linens, bars, and more. When developing this rental order, you'll have the option to have the rental company's staff place all the items into a floor plan for an additional fee. Nine times out of ten, this is the most efficient way to go, but there are always exceptions. Here, we take a look at some questions about the process that may be on your mind.

If we don't pay extra for this service, who will be responsible for it?

If your rentals are managed through your caterer or venue, their staff may be setting up the furniture. In this case, you won't need to cover the rental company's service fee. However, if you've setup the rental order yourself, you'll likely need to find out if your caterer or venue have the man power and time to set up the furniture. If not, paying to have the rental company set it in place is necessary. As well, if your wedding planner or designer has set up the order, you'll likely need to pay for the rental company's service fee, as their staff will be too small and time constrained to handle the physical labor.

What happens if we don't pay for this?

If no service fee is paid, the rental company will deliver all your tables, chairs, lounge furniture, tabletop items, linens, and all other items stacked in one designated location.

Can't we just have our friends and family set up our furniture?

This is largely dependent upon your wedding timeline, but it's most likely not the best option. If you're able to have everything delivered to your venue a day or two prior to the actual wedding and can safely leave everything outside or in place overnight, this option might work well for you. However, if you're planning to have your loved ones, who are also important guests of your wedding, moving furniture a few hours before they're expected to be to ready to attend your wedding, the disruption to their experience and getting ready process is likely not worth the cost savings.

How will our rental company know where to place everything?

This is where your floor plan and your coordinator are crucial to the overall process. Your rental company will have a copy of the venue's floor plan with all tables, chairs, dance floors, lounges, and more drawn into it. This guide is important for them to get everything placed properly and in a timely manner. If there are any issues with the floor plan once the crew starts placing things, they'll immediately turn to your event manager, coordinator, planner, or catering manager for troubleshooting.

Are there any other benefits to having the rental company manage this?

Depending on your rental company, the staff may realize while setting up the items that they've forgotten to include an item in the truck, that something is broken or damaged, or that an order error has occurred. By going through the process of setting everything up, they're able to troubleshoot in real time and get a replacement sent out. This is less likely to happen if they deliver everything in stacks and don't place the items. Plus, your event manager will be overseeing this set up process and will point out any such issues as they arise so the problem can be solved prior to guest arrival.


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