Don't ignore this advice!
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You have plenty to worry about as a bride, so when a vendor gives you some advice (effectively limiting those decisions you have to make!), you should take it. Case in point: Bridal beauty. Makeup artists often have tons of wisdom to share with their clients about what looks best in photos, ways to keep their makeup in place all night long, and how to achieve that you-but-better look. But does every bride-to-be listen? Not necessarily. To prepare you for the advice you're likely to hear when you sit down in the makeup chair, check out the most common words of wisdom artists share with their clients, and why you should definitely heed their advice.

Remember to add blush.

Nine out of ten brides will look in the mirror during their trial and gently ask that their makeup artist go lighter on the blush and bronzer. That request is often met with the suggestion that they go heavier. So who is right? Your makeup artist, of course, who knows that you need extra color on your face to look bright, fresh, and glowy in flash photography. So remember that what might look like a lot of cheek color in the mirror will look like next to nothing in photos.

Skip the nude lip.

You're not used to wearing any lip color at all, so suddenly seeing yourself with liner, lipstick, and gloss on can feel weird. Once you think about all of those big-day kisses, the inevitable Champagne sipping, and how you'll look in photos, you'll likely realize that it won't hurt to start off the day with a healthy dose of lip color.

Do your hair.

Just like seeing your face done up with bold makeup, staring back at fancy hair in the mirror can be jarring. If you're the type of woman that typically throws her hair in a ponytail or lets it air-dry, it can be shocking to see yourself with an updo or big curls. Even still, you should embrace the fancy hair. It doesn't make sense to carefully plan every detail, put on a beautiful wedding dress, have your makeup done, and then let your hair hang down like it's a Monday morning at work. This is the one day of your life where "fancy" works!

Take charge of bridesmaid beauty.

While letting your 'maids chose their own beauty look can work, it more often than not results in a bridal party that looks disjointed in photos. Some bridesmaids may choose to let their hair fall as is while others get totally glammed up. Instead, decide if you'd like all of the girls to have hair and makeup done by a professional or not-you don't need to dictate what look they choose, just that they'll come down the aisle professionally done up.

Consider adding lashes.

If you're on the fence about fake lashes, ask your makeup artist to try a set during your trial. Your options are endless, with the ability to apply individual lashes for a subtle, natural look, or to go with a full set for something bold and dramatic. Either way, the extra length and texture will ensure your eyes pop in photos.


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