The show's design expert is exploring a new calling: officiating weddings!
queer eye design expert bobby berk
Credit: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Queer Eye's Fab Five are constantly stealing our hearts, thanks to their endless wisdom and adorable antics on their show. But the team doesn't stop doing good once they walk off set-they've taken on meaningful solo ventures, too. Culture expert Kamaro Brown just gave us his best proposal tips, and now design expert Bobby Berk is set to officiate three weddings! In partnership with Lyft, Berk is marrying multiple couples on the ride sharing app's float at this year's New York City Pride Parade.

"It's always been something that I thought would be very special to do," Berk told People of being a wedding officiant. "I always thought it was a very nice, sweet thing to do [for someone], so when Lyft came to me with this idea, I immediately jumped on it. Literally. I jumped right onto the float." "I love the fact that we're able to marry these couples on a float on the most accepting and inclusive day in the freaking world, you know?" he added.

Berk's no stranger to creative weddings-as People notes, his own nuptials were a surprise! "I was surprised with a proposal and then before I could even think about planning a wedding, the wedding was happening then as well," he shared, explaining that his husband, Dewey, secretly orchestrated the event. While the event was one he'll never forget, things didn't go off entirely without a hitch. "Funny enough, though [the friend who officiated] never sent in the correct paperwork," he revealed. "We found out at the end of the year when we were like, 'Why did we never receive our marriage certificate?' that technically we weren't married. We had to frantically run to the courthouse in downtown New York City to get married before the end of the year to make sure our taxes were filed properly."

Now, he has a few tips to share with the couples he's marrying on Sunday. First, don't forget to file for a marriage license! Second, "make sure that you're definitely writing [your vows] for you and your partner-to-be and not for the crowd around you. Make sure that it's not a show, it's personal, and almost forget that anyone else is around and make sure that those vows are just for your love." We couldn't agree more.


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