It's time to think beyond the flowers.
DIY Foliage Idea

If you think flowers are your only option as the center of your wedding décor, think again. Once relegated to strictly supporting roles, vibrant, green foliage is finally taking its much-deserved turn as the star of the show. Houseplants have always held a place in the home. Now, they're trendier than ever. And we've had plenty of requests from brides wanting to translate the greenery trend into their wedding décor. Green foliage looks super lush and luxurious, lending an elegant edge to the more traditional petal-filled route, while still providing that nature-inspired element. But instead of a lavish floral garden, the look is slightly wilder, less manicured and sumptuously verdant.

Creating this look for your own event is astonishingly easy. You can raid your own yard, clip some leaves from your indoor plants, visit a local garden center, or even check out Home Depot's plant department. Also, don't let the floral name deter you, make sure to check out your local flower market or florist, as they can sell you leaves to supplement your own collection. We love playing with different shades of green, from light chartreuse and vivid pea green to rich jade and dark forest green. Mixing multiple different colors adds an additional element of depth and dimension. Another idea is playing with both texture and scale. Combine large and small leaves or ones with smooth edges mixed with frothy ferns. Some leaves add drama all on their own, with stunning variegated patterns.

Foliage DIY Different Types of Greens

As you collect your plants, simply cut them and place in water. Some plants survive in water better than others, so check out our guide that shows the best to use. And as you're thinking about the leaves, don't forget about how you'll be displaying them at your wedding. We love the idea of mixing and matching green-hued bottles and containers. This look works well clustered as a centerpiece or lined along a bar or buffet.

Plants for DIY Foliage Arrangement

Step One:

Gather your favorite plants and start cutting, ensuring the stems are long enough for the containers you'll be using. They can be ones already in your home, from your yard, your friend or neighbor's yard (if you ask nicely), a garden center, or a floral market. Immediately place the fresh cut stems in water.

Mismatched Colored Vases

Step Two:

While you're collecting plants (or even before), start collecting your bottles. We did a mix of vintage and new, highlighting our green theme. We prefer a variety of shape, size, textures and color (green in our case), but it's your choice here. Antique shops, yard sales, specialty stores and home décor stores are all good places to start. You could raid your recycle bin as well.

DIY Foliage Display for Wedding

Step Three:

Play with what looks good to you. Sometimes it will mean an abundance of leaves creating a jungle-like bouquet. Other times, it will mean showing off one simple leaf in a bottle. Each leaf will hit the light in a different way, each will tilt and turn in a different direction and each will showcase the singularly unique and spectacular display of nature. After all, who needs roses or peonies? You can fill your space with wow-worthy arrays of pure plant power.


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