25 Wedding Cake Ideas That'll Wow Your Guests

white cake on table surrounded by floral arrangements
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Your wedding cake baker is so much more than a dessert expert—most of them are true artists. They sculpt edible pieces of art that stun on the big day and, if they're anything like the cakes you're about to see, long after the last crumb is consumed. Their expertise is something that's honed, cultivated, and refined. Believe us, they weren't able to create the masterpieces you display at the reception overnight! If you're a couple who's thinking beyond the standard white three-tier, you're probably interested in the most inspired wedding cake ideas your genius cake baker has to offer.

Here, you'll find a comprehensive list of wedding cake ideas that prove that this form of artistry is all about the technique. From deckle-edge frosting and wavy buttercream to embossed fondant, these beauties are pretty hard to cut into—they're that gorgeous. Some of these cake designs were subtler than others—take this Palermo's Bakery confection, for example, which was studded with florals to match the epic mantel behind it (Blue Pansy Floral Design Co. handled the magnificent blooms). We also loved how one baker transformed a confection into a hexagonal two-tier, covered in marbled fondant (talk about lifelike). Another standout? A cake iced with small, feminine rosettes, which felt right at home at a garden wedding.

The bolder designs were just as stunning. One confectioner used candy melts to create feathered brush-stroke adornments, which dressed up a simple cake. Another attached delicate butterflies onto a four-tier treat, taking the muted pink confection to new heights. Whatever your taste—and whatever the style of your big day—these wedding cake ideas are sure to inspire.

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Gold Vines

three tiered light blue frosted with gold flake accent wedding cake
Sophie Epton

If you are intrigued by the idea of sugar leaves and vine work (both majorly up your confection's wow factor), consider using this Emma Cakery by Niloofar wedding cake as a source of inspiration. The baker used stunning gold leaf accents, which served as bold contrasts to the light blue icing, and finished the confection by adding a dainty touch: white faux flowers.

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Blue Tier

white and blue wedding cake with flowers
Desiree Gardner

Another way to make your confection stand out? Add in a colorful tier, just like Bonne Vie Specialty did here. The middle layer offered the "something blue" in this watercolor wedding dessert, which also had red velvet, caramel, and buttercream flavors inside.

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Butterfly Effect

gillian tyler wedding butterfly cake
Jose Villa

If you want to include elements of nature in your big day, draw inspiration from this butterfly-adorned confection by Jasmine Rae Cakes. The dessert felt connected to this wedding's overarching theme and played up its signature motif—the colorful critter—during dessert.

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three tier wedding cake with citrus and floral decorations
Tailor James Photography

Emulate this fruity, three-tier treat, courtesy of Michelle's Patisserie, if you would like to bring a bright, delightful touch to your reception. The baker accented the raspberry cake with climbing citrus and florals atop the buttercream icing.

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four-tiered wedding cake with corgis cake toper and flowers
Lisa Ziesing for Abby Jiu

This Fluffy Thoughts wedding cake looks like something straight out of an abstract art museum, thanks to the whimsical ribbon-inspired accent—which replicated the event's ceiling installation—that surrounded its three vanilla tiers.

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Dotted Indents

Greer Gattuso

This fabric-inspired confection, created by Melissa's Fine Pastries, was subtly statement-making. Its icy hue also gives new meaning to "something blue."

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Brush Stroke

cake designs sarah libby
Sarah Libby

Want to recreate the brush-stroke look of this creative cake? Your baker will need follow Amy Cakes' lead; thin out candy melts and let them dry before attaching them to your masterpiece.

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cake designs blaine siesser
Blaine Siesser

Take a note from Sweet Heather Anne and let your wedding dress's fabric inspire your reception's pièce de résistance.

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cake designs sarah libby
Sarah Libby

Grooved squares—we love how Amy Cakes included three tiny silver slivers, just at the base—are a subtle way to transform a classic cake.

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cake designs hannah snyder
Miramar Photography

Slabs of marble block or a wedding cake? With this futuristic confection, it's pretty difficult to tell.

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cake designs this modern romance
This Modern Romance

Talk about a work of art. Ultra-fine waves of fondant give The Butter End Cakery's confection an airy, ethereal quality.

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Moody Texture

cake designs jennifer skog
Jennifer Skog

Unblended gray-and-white buttercream give this small two-tier, by Ma Petite Maison Cake Design, a moody feel.

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white and green wedding cake
Branco Prata

The best part about T Bakes' out-of-this-world wedding cake isn't the subtle ombré. How amazing is it to watch this beauty go from smooth on the top to deckle-edged on the bottom?

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cake designs michael and carina
Michael and Carina Photography

Tiny pearls outline each tier of this traditional confection, by Graul's Market.

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Hexagon Ombré

cake designs emily wren
Emily Wren

Geometric shapes, that deepen from pale green to cerulean, bring a touch of the contemporary to this Cake Life confection.

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cake designs zosia zacharia
Zosia Zacharia

Sugar flowers and a silver trellis are the final touches on this botanical-themed wedding cake idea, from Cakes by Krishanthi.

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cake designs kelli durham
Kelli Durham

This Who Made the Cake five-tier switches from smooth strips of buttercream to overlapping smudges but the entire treat is tied together with a cascading floral vine.

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white and gold wedding croquembouche
Lisa Ziesing (Abby Jiu Photography)

Not all wedding cakes are stacked. Croquembouche, a French dessert consisting of choux pastry balls piled into a caramel-filled cone, is one way to take your dessert to the next level. Get inspired by this gold-flecked one by Buttercream Bakeshop.

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Blue Ombré

white blue ombre wedding cake
Rachel Solomon

Stripes of fondant fade to blue on this pretty cake—tiny balls form halos around each tier.

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vivi yoga bali wedding cake
Erich McVey

Gradient blue coloring and nautical elements transform a classic white cake into something otherworldly. On this one, created by Lenovelle Cake, the fondant looked like the ocean's waves while the upper tiers were covered in shell-like details.

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Textured Strips

blue wedding cake
Lisa Blume Photography

This sapphire-hued confection looks as if it were pieced together, one stunning strip of hand-painted fondant at a time.

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Smudge Sash

wedding cake
Allison Kuhn Photography

Chartreuse, emerald, magenta, and blush smudges turn this Wow Factor stunner into an artist's paint palette.

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blue wedding cake feathers
Connie Whitlock

For this ice-blue beauty, the design is all in the feather details.

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Bundt Drip

chocolate drip cake
Lauren Fair Photography

Feeling a wedding cake design that's completely nontraditional? Stack two Bundt cakes on top of each other and drizzle it all with chocolate ganache.

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Textured Crepe

cake designs tamara gruner
Tamara Grüner

The crepe-like base tier of this stunner by Elysia Root Cakes is only one unique part of the cake's overall look. Textured fondant and three major blooms bring the drama up top.

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