You and your bestie go way back, but now that your guy is in the picture full-time, it's going to get trickier to hang out like you did in your single days. While a bud might not get why you're brunching with in-laws (again!) instead of her, it's important to figure out a balance. Bottom line: your priorities change once you're married and it's up to you to make time for old (and new) friendships.
Credit: Emily Blake

1. More double dates.

You get to have your cake and eat it too by spending time with your spouse and your friends.

2. Girls' Night Out gets way more appreciation.

As one newlywed put it, "It takes an honest effort to see our friends one-on-one. Before marriage you could just call a friend on a whim and meet up, now, you have to check your schedules."

3. Invites drop off.

Like it or not, but you're now the "married friend" and some friends might assume that you won't be able to go to this or that because you're busy living the, well, married life. No one means harm, so make a conscious effort to show that you're game to hang out sans hubs.

4. Opposite-sex buds tend to drop off.

Striking a platonic relationship with someone of the opposite sex can get tricky, especially if you don't meet in a neutral place like work or have mutual friends already. Your spouse might have trouble understanding why you would want to get coffee with a guy you met at a party. Ditto for him taking out a friendly barista for lunch.

5. Scheduling will require compromise.

Not all of us are blessed with a slew of mutual friends. Majority of couples will have to figure out how to divvy up the time between his/her buddies to keep both parties content.

6. You'll text more than ever.

Finding time for outings with all of your friends (and spouse, and family, and yourself) can be challenging even for a social butterfly. The important thing is that you keep in touch with people who matter.

7. Multitasking is the name of the game.

Remember when you could wing an elaborate outing that started with brunch and ended with a post-dinner mani-pedi-those can be hard to come by after the nups. You'll learn to bundle fun with your to-do list by inviting friends to yoga (or, a Home Depot run).


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