But they haven't started thinking about their wedding just yet.

katy perry and orlando bloom monte carlo gala
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Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom haven't started their big day planning yet. After all, it's been less than a week since the two surprised fans with news of their Valentine's Day engagement. However, the couple is planning one wedding-related event: A source told People that they're currently dreaming up a big engagement party.

According to the outlet, the two are enjoying their new status and want to honor their engagement with their family and friends. "They are still busy enjoying and celebrating their engagement," the insider explained. "They haven't shared any wedding details yet. They are planning a big engagement party for all of their friends."

Although the engagement came as a surprise to the couple's fans, the source said it's actually been in the works for a long time. "They've been talking about getting engaged for a while. After reconciling Katy has felt very secure with Orlando and they both knew it was different this time," the source said. "They made their relationship a priority and both of them literally flew all around the world to keep their relationship strong." Bloom even made sure to ask Perry's parents for permission before proposing to the singer.

Wedding planning may be on the back burner just now, but one thing's for sure: The two want to start a family "sooner rather than later," another source told People. "They both want kids together and will prioritize this," the insider said. Until then, the couple are proud of their progress since reconnecting, said a source close to Bloom. "They are such a great couple," the source said. "They really took their time to figure out if they could work as a couple. They really wanted to from the beginning, but things are not always easy. They are both proud of how far they have come. Everyone is super excited about the engagement."


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