40 Pretty Wedding Hairstyles for Brides with Long Hair

Whether you prefer to wear your long hair up or down—or something in between—you'll find beautiful hairstyle ideas here.

stephanie philip wedding braid
Photo: Katie Stoops Photography

If you're a bride-to-be with long hair, you're in luck: There's no shortage of wedding-worthy hairstyles for women with Rapunzel-like tresses. Long hair makes it easier to twist, twirl, braid, and tuck in ways that brides with short haircuts can't always accomplish. Whether you want to wear a classic updo, a fishtail braid, or a half-up, half-down look, longer locks complement nearly any bridal style. Another great option? Wear your hair down in its natural state, allowing it to cascade over your shoulders and trail down your back.

To help you find your ultimate wedding hairstyle for your long locks, we rounded up some of our favorite looks on long-haired brides. At a complete loss for what you want? First, narrow down the options by considering a few important factors: the weather (humidity is incredibly important), the setting (you might want to go with an updo on a windy beach), the formality (perhaps you opt for an elegant chignon if it's a traditional black-tie affair), and the style and cut of your dress. Then of course, it's all about how you want to look.

Jason Sparks of the Jason Matthew Salon transformed this bride's long blond locks into a dreamy hairstyle that showcased bouncy, romantic curls down her back, but kept her hair out of her face courtesy of an intricate braid. When it was time to dance, the half-up, half-down hairstyle shifted to a low bun. But that's not all we found. Click through to see more hairstyles every long-haired bride should put on her radar.

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A Braided Updo

bride holding bouquet
Michael Radford

Add a little texture and structure to a loose updo with a braid that starts towards the top of your head.

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A Timeless Chignon

megan parking wedding bride getting ready with help of mother
Rachel Red Photography

Consider wrapping your long hair into an elegant, feminine, and classic bun, like Hunter Johnson, Gloss Salon did here. Then get ready to hug your partner without anything getting in the way.

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Perfectly Curled

Bride and groom during first look
The Edges

Bobbi Gutierrez kept this bride's hair long and natural, with a definite curve to the waves that added beautiful texture.

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Full of Flowers

evie joe wedding bride with colorful bouquet in field
Becca Lea Photography

Beauty & the Blush Artistry added real blooms to this bride's simple bun.

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Middle Part Magic

bride and groom cutting small cake together
Mo Davis Photography

This bride's cascading waves pinned to either side of her middle part by Fascio Hair make a gorgeous statement.

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Low and Loose

wedding couple kiss near museum pillars
Janine Licare

Alice Tang kept this bride's hair close to the nape of her neck, with long, loose pieces framing her face.

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Tied Up

long wedding hairstyle
Taylor & Porter

On a day where you "tie the knot" why not do the same in your hair? Ella Butler entwined two small sections of hair into a relaxed knot.

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A High Ponytail

long wedding hairstyle
Elizabeth Austin Photography

If you have long, voluminous curls, think about pulling them into a high ponytail and showing them off.

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A Romantic Updo

long wedding hairstyle
Elisa Bricker

Modern Salon and Spa made sure this updo really wowed. Long hair comes in handy if you favor a look like this, because your stylist is able to achieve a full and voluminous look with ease.

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A Fancy Fishtail

long wedding hairstyle

Gabriel Conover Photography

Wedding Hair by Jillian Rae wove these golden tresses into a fishtail braid down the back. It almost blends in with the long loose waves but adds a little something special to the casual hairstyle.

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Gilded Braids

porsha terry wedding jamaica bride hair
Jillian Mitchell Photography

When you're tying the knot somewhere hot (this bride was married in Jamaica!), humidity is a key factor to consider. This bride chose an updo with a thick braided crown, which held up well in the heat and was further upgraded by Isha Kamara and Nyja Chambers, who wove gold string throughout to add an elegant, metallic touch.

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On the Side

wedding couple portrait
Audra Wrisley Photography

If you're skipping a veil, you're free to have a little fun with your wedding hairstyle. About Faces Day Spa & Salon curled and pinned this bride's hair to the side, which framed her face and showcased the wedding dress's stunning back.

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Pony Up

wedding couple
Maui Maka Photography

Simple can be quite chic. Take this ponytail for example. Calvyn Cass of Brush Salon put the bride's straight hair in a low ponytail and wrapped her locks around it for a sleek finish.

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Simple and Timeless

bride with lower bun updo
Jacob and Pauline

You can never go wrong with a center part and a low, full bun. The longer your hair, the more volume you can achieve.

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Let Your Hair Down

bride with horse
N Barrett Photography

When choosing your hairstyle, consider what your wedding dress looks like. Long locks with a bit of body and shape, which were styled by Ali Ryan for the Dry House Nashville, beautifully balanced the ornate lace of this bride's gown.

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Glamour Girl

bride and bridesmaids
The De Jaureguis

For a Gilded Age-inspired wedding, a glamorous hairstyle is pretty much a requirement. This bride wore loose finger waves styled by Team Hair & Makeup, which channeled the era in a way that didn't feel like a costume.

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Crowning Around

long wedding hairstyle
Adam Naples

If you're getting married in a barn or planning a somewhat boho celebration, highlight that aesthetic with a hairstyle to match. Here, Makeup with Me added loose waves, which were then topped with a floral crown from The London Plane.

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Half-Up, Entirely Chic

Erich McVey

When you get married on the beach, the wind can make your long hair blow all over your face. Help keep it out of the way with a style like this one by Amy Clarke, who made two braids and merged them for a beach-appropriate look.

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A Timeless Updo

jessika william wedding updo
Liz Banfield

Ashe Franke gathered this bride's hair into a loose and low updo, keeping a few pieces out in the front to frame her face. A classic, timeless look like this never goes out of style.

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Garden Style

miya matthew wedding bridesmaids
Clary Pfeiffer Photography

Add a little glam to a garden setting with a side-part and soft curls. Hannah Wagner Design kept this bride's long hair off her face with a brooch placed right over her ear.

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Made in the Braid

leila joel wedding bride
Erich McVey

If you're the type of woman who always wears one hairstyle in your day-to-day life, keep it consistent on the wedding day. For this bride, that meant wearing an upgraded version of her everyday look: a braid. She tapped Adrienne Aereboe to create the casual wedding hairstyle.

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Tucked In

wedding couple posing for portrait in front of flowering bushes
Carmen Lopez Photography

Ashleigh Howard twisted and tucked the back pieces of this bride's long hair and added a soft, romantic wave throughout. With a style like this, you can show off a pair of dazzling earrings with ease.

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Lush and Natural

long wedding hairstyle
Nicole Leever Photography

If you want a little body but nothing too "done," consider a hairstyle like this one by Sherilyn Beauty.

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Romantic Style

alexandra david wedding bride with maids adjusting dress
Jacqui Cole Photography

Jolie Bridal Beauty pinned back pin-curls to create an intricate, gorgeous updo. Meanwhile, face-framing pieces of hair add a touch of romance.

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Face-Framing Locks

yolanda cedric wedding couple
Charla Storey Photography

If you're opting to keep your long hair down, curl the front sections away from your face, so your eyes can be front-and-center.

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Long Waves

tebogo simon wedding newlyweds kiss couple
Margaux Cronje

Want to keep your hair casual but elevated? Take a cue from this bride, whose locks were given a subtle wave by The San Hair.

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Flowers and Braids

long wedding hair
Charity Maurer Photography

There's a subtle princess vibe to this hairstyle by Fairest of All and we love it for that. A thick braid across the back of the head (perfect to tuck a few fresh blooms into) frames a cascade of long curls.

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A Wavy Updo

hannah steve wedding california updo
Steve Steinhardt

A one-shoulder dress can often be modern in style, and you can go that route or counterbalance it with something soft and traditional. Salon on Main L.A. styled this updo that was sophisticated but a little undone with volume and fullness throughout.

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A Total Twist

Delbarr Moradi

For a chic, structured look, Katie Brooke Callahan pulled the bride's hair back into this sleek twist. A style like this would stay put all day and all night, no matter if it were windy or you got crazy on the dance floor.

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A Beautiful Updo

long wedding hairstyle
Shannon Moffit

The twists and turns in this loose, slightly-undone updo by Emily Artistry are amazing. A style like this will have your long hair up and out of the way while also drawing the eye up. It's a great option if the back of your dress is on the simpler side.

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Twisted Top

wedding couple pre-kiss portrait outdoors
Elias Kordelakos

Monica MHG Beauty twisted front sections of the bride's hair to gather in the back, creating a gorgeous half-up half-down hairstyle perfect for the bohemian-style of the wedding.

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A Simple Bun

wedding updo
Sara Weir Photography

Sometimes a simple hairstyle, like a classic bun (this one was courtesy of Hair by Mila), can be all you need to complete your look. This low, twisted knot showed off the beautiful back and off-the-shoulder straps on this bride's dress.

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Beautiful Braids

long wedding hairstyle
Selina Whittaker Photography

Celeste Russouw styled this bride's braided hair by twisting a few pieces to one side, creating a slightly asymmetrical look that really showed off her face and the simple construction of her dress.

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A Long, Wavy Ponytail

anne and staton wedding portrait outside venue
Jen Fariello Photography

A low ponytail with some waves works with so many dress styles and locations. If you want your hair pulled back but not entirely up, consider something similar to what Lucas Shaffer did here.

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A Ponytail to the Side

long wedding hair
Flora + Fauna

Hair extensions aren't just for adding length. Katelyn Galloway used hair extensions to achieve fullness in this side-swept fishtail braid, but the bride's long locks gave it length.

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Halfway Hair

long wedding hairstyle

Tenth & Grace

Ask your hairstylist to curl your long hair and weave a few pieces together to make a partial updo like this one by Beauty & the Blush.

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Swept to the Side

Harwell Photography

This bride's look proves you can wear your hair down on your wedding day. There's something very elegant about her side-swept bangs and long waves (created by The Moore Agency), which make an excellent frame for a ballerina veil.

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Straight and Simple

jen tim wedding couple at golden hour
Anneli Marinovich

Simple can be stunning, and this blowout by Ciara Coiffure proves it.

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Wow with Waves

clare tim wedding couple kissing in fall setting
Paige Jones

Edin Carpenter Makeup Artistry ensured this bride's hair was perfectly tousled for an effortless, natural-looking, wavy hairstyle.

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