Don't underestimate the importance of this little detail.

By Sara Dickinson
January 09, 2019
ashlie adam alpert wedding cake 3d printing topper

If the traditional bride and groom figurine isn't your top choice for a wedding cake topper, consider modern approaches that are sure to impress your guests. When it comes to these decorative accents, the options are endless, so we narrowed the playing field by asking three top wedding planners to share their all-time favorite cake topper ideas. Let their list inspire your search.

Laser-Cut Words or Phrases

Julie Savage Parekh, creative director at Strawberry Milk Events, recommends choosing a topper that's more chic than cutesy, like a laser-cut word or phrase. Some of her favorite ideas? A laser-cut monogram, words like "bride and groom," your new last name, the date, or a short phrase like "Happily Ever After."

Fresh, Natural Accents

"Of course, fresh or sugar flowers are always in vogue," Savage reminds us. If you like the idea of something fresh, ask your florist to provide a handful of additional flowers your baker can add to the treat once it's delivered. Nervous about live blooms wilting? You'd be surprised by how realistic sugar flowers can look these days!

Destination-Inspired Details

For destination weddings, Sarrah Gaboury, owner of Imoni Events, recommends choosing a cake topper that's reflective of your wedding location. "Put a personal touch on your destination wedding by adding a cactus cake topper to bring in the theme of Arizona," she says. Whether you choose a cactus figurine or go a different route with an edible version, this is a great way to tie your event together. A palm tree topper would be a great choice for a beach wedding, while moose figurines would be a unique touch for a wedding in the mountains.

Go Custom

Event producer Kait Rovnyak of AaB Creates recommends putting a spin on the classic bride and groom figurines by getting the topper customized. One of her favorites? Wooden doll toppers by Goose Grease Shop that are made to look like the couple or their pets. "They are super cute and dainty and can really make a wedding cake have a personal touch," she says.


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