And do you really need one for your wedding?
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If you've always planned to find a way to include your sweet puppy, cat, or another pet in your wedding day, you're not alone. Many couples opt to include their furry friends in the processional for their ceremony, and in their wedding-day photos. How does one coordinate such an affair, ensuring that your pet arrives safely and gets exactly where he needs to be on your wedding day? A pet coordinator is the answer. Here, we're explaining all you need to know about pet coordinators for the big day.

Do we really need a pet coordinator?

Wedding planner Jessica Sloane says, "When pets are involved in a wedding, it's important to have someone designated to care for them. This is true regardless of how well behaved your pet is. You need to have a person dedicated to managing him or her since you won't have time to on your wedding day." This could be anything from delivery and pick-up duties to keeping them hydrated and managing their medications while you're away for the night.

Can't we just have a friend at the wedding deal with Snoopy?

Sloane says, "If you can hire someone, I think that's the best case scenario because then you're not burdening a guest with that responsibility." If your dog needs to be brought to and from the wedding, you may not want your friend to leave. As well, Veronica Silva, president of Pawfect for You, which provides wedding pet coordinators for weddings from Maine to Virginia, says, "A professional service will not only have the items that your pet needs, but will also work with you ahead of time to develop a timeline and checklist for your pet."

How far in advance do we need to book pet services?

Silva recommends booking a pet coordinator once the photographer has been hired and there's a rough timeline established for the wedding day. She says, "We always do a final coordination call about a week or two before the wedding, where we finalize the details and adjust the timing if necessary."

How long will we need a pet coordinator?

Timing depends entirely on your wedding timeline. Silva says, "If you'd like to have your pet included in pictures and in the ceremony, plan for at least an hour and a half, though sometimes it can take longer depending on the photographer's timeline." There's also the option to include your pet in the getting ready process, or to have a pet coordinator stay with him or her through the night if you plan to stay in a hotel.


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