9 Nontraditional Wedding Party Ideas

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Who says you can't have a "mate" of honor? Or that your bridesmaids have to wear the same dress?

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The big theme we're seeing in weddings today? Tossing tradition. You can have two maids of honor, a mate of honor, colored wedding gowns, groomswomen, and white bridesmaids dresses, just to name a few. Get inspired by some of the ways these real brides and grooms have forgone traditional wedding practices and celebrated their nuptials in their own unique ways.

Identical looks for bridesmaids and for groomsmen are a tradition many wedding parties are opting to put in the past. For this Brooklyn wedding, the bridal party selected their own outfits under the direction from the bride to "wear whatever made them feel sexy." To tie the looks together, their bouquets provided a coordinated pop of color.

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Bridesmaids Wearing White

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Who made the rule that only brides can wear white to weddings? For The Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William's wedding, maid of honor Pippa Middleton broke the golden rule and donned a jaw-dropping white dress.

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Groomsgals and Bridesmen

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Narrowing down the right selection of bridesmaids and groomsmen is tough stuff when your handful of dearest friends includes those of different genders. Rather than keeping the altar sides strictly separated into ladies and gents, many wedding parties are incorporating all genders on either side. Even #GIRLBOSS author Sophia Amoruso and her musician hubby Joel Jarek DeGraff (seen here with his dad, groomsmen, and groomswoman) embraced this unique bridal party idea.

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Mix-and-Match Groomsmen

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Mixed attire for groomsmen is no longer a no-no. Giving the group a color palette to stick to, like pastels or shades of blues, is a tactful way to achieve a cohesive look. Appointing the same tie color or shoe color across the board is a sure way to keep the group looking in sync.

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Mixed Metallics

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The trend in bridesmaid dresses over the past few years has leaned toward mixed patterns, colors, or silhouettes of dresses. Mixing metallic tones is a glamorous take on the trend, allowing a variety of textures and tonalities that complement each woman's unique look.

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Sitting 'Maids

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This Dripping Springs wedding had a Texas-sized wedding party. With more than a handful of bridesmaids, the bride opted to have the ladies seated at the altar so they weren't a distraction during the ceremony. Rather than having all fifteen of the women dressed identically, the bride chose full-length dresses in black, navy, and a few pops of pink.

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Playful Patterns and Mini Attendants

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For this eclectic wedding in Maine, the bride and groom chose to mix patterns across the board. Groomsmen wore solid blazers with striped shirts and pizza-patterned pants, while the bridesmaids looked mod in their vintage-inspired polka dot cocktail dresses. Even the ages of the wedding party were a mixed bag, with the groomsminis and bridesmaidettes in full matching patterned regalia.

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Boho Leather and Lace

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Black and white with a mix of leather and lace, this bridal party had the bohemian look down to a T. Loose and flowy for long dresses and textured or structural for the shorter dresses allowed each attendant to express his or her own style within the overall theme for the wedding welcome party.

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Color Options

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These grooms sent their 11-person wedding party of friends and siblings a color palette with six different shades, so each member of the party ending up wearing a unique outfit, while still retaining a uniform look. Everything from floral print and solid colored dresses to light blue bow ties and navy sports coats could be found in the group.

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